Getting the Most Out of Handyman Services in Facilities Management

There’s a lot to be said for specialist vendors who are able to get your most specialized niche equipment back up and running in no time – but there are also repair and maintenance issues facility managers face that are much simpler.

It can be worthwhile to find a valuable, professional and skilled craftsman for these tasks. You can solve simple challenges and likely save the facility managers money. However, this does not mean that there are no best practices to incorporate into a facility management budget and navigate this unique “supplier” relationship.

For further insight, host Daniel Litwin greeted Vixxo operations manager Ryan Reese to find your solution.

The duo explored the adaptation of craft services to the larger facility management ecosystem, the understanding of the definition of craft work in today’s landscape, the need for clearly defined expectations in an area where there may be a lack of standardization, and the measurement of success in these Relationships.

“Craftsman is one of those terms that is kept very general. They tend to just think of a man with a hammer walking around doing very general things, ”Reese said. “The truth is that ‘artisan’ can encompass a wide variety of fixes in retail, grocery, and convenience environments.”

There are also some key questions the facility managers can ask about potential supplier relationships, including a handyman. They include:

  • “What business critical repairs need to be done to keep business going?”
  • “Do we have an existing program?”
  • “How big is our budget? Where are we currently spending too much? “
  • “What can we handle internally?”
  • “Which points can we address over time or bundle with others in order to reduce costs?
  • “What items can we plan in advance?”

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