Give Your Customers the Drywall Replacement They’ve Been Waiting For

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Trusscore finished garage application

The shortage of skilled workers like drywallers remains a major problem. It’s a time consuming and messy job that is difficult to perfect and instantly reveals imperfections. Contractors turn down jobs simply because they don’t have the time to bid, let alone take on new projects. This means they will buy less from you. But what if there was a way to drastically reduce labor costs and installation times on walls and ceilings so they could do more and buy more products from you? Stand out from your competitors with Trusscore to transform residential and commercial construction with a powerful drywall replacement.

What is Trusscore Wall & CeilingBoard?

Trusscore Wall & CeilingBoard is extremely light and much easier to use than drywall – no glue, mud, sanding or painting required. Most jobs can be completed in a day, giving customers a bright, waterproof, wear-resistant, and low-maintenance wall. The wall and ceiling panels are perfect for a wide variety of residential, commercial and agricultural applications.

Contractors love Trusscore Wall & CeilingBoard because the speed and ease of installation increase their profit margin, while DIY enthusiasts love the product because they can install it themselves – no special skills or craftsmen required. Your customers get a quick, inexpensive installation with a high-end finish, and you get satisfied customers.

Installs 4x faster than drywall – see for yourself

Trusscore Trusscore – speed of installation.

In contrast to drywall, Trusscore Wall & CeilingBoard is an integrated wall system with custom-made cladding. It doesn’t require time-consuming painting or finishing after installation. Tongue and groove panels slide together, fasteners are invisible for a clean finish, and Wall & CeilingBoard seamlessly integrates with Trusscore SlatWall for a complete wall storage solution: baskets, hooks and shelves easily snap into place to create a functional space.

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Developed to last

A unique truss design combined with a high strength polymer formulation – Trusscore PVC wall and ceiling panels are engineered to outlast the life of the buildings in which they are installed.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is an exceptionally durable material. It has a lifespan of up to 100 years and can withstand the daily stresses that interior walls are exposed to in residential, commercial and agricultural applications.

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