Ground Floor: To owner of new Cedar Rapids drywall repair firm, ‘everyone is your boss’

By Deborah Neyens, correspondent

About two years ago, not long after returning from eight years in the military, Lincoln Prins opened his first store, a Mosquito Squad franchise. He wanted a business that would allow him to be his own boss.

However, pest control can be seasonal. In July 2016, he founded Iowa’s first Patch Boys franchise.

The Patch Boys is a drywall repair company founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2008 that has been franchised since 2015.

“We come after plumbers and electricians and fill in any holes they leave,” said Prins. “We’re good at mixing and matching textures and getting your ceilings and walls back to their original state.”

Prins found out about the Patch Boys in early 2016 through his ongoing research into franchise opportunities.

“It was a novel concept,” he said of the Patch Boys’ business model. “The more I got into it, the more attractive it seemed.”

Prins first spoke to a number of local contractors to see if any drywall work was needed in the area.


“We do a lot of small jobs that the typical drywall company doesn’t want to do,” he said. “Most of the needs have been met by artisans, but we are a licensed and insured company that won’t go away the next day.”

Prins also spoke to several existing Patch Boys franchise owners, a lesson he learned from his first foray into franchising.

“The company gives you a list of people to speak to. However, it’s important to speak to people who are not on the company list,” he advised. “It’s also important to talk to franchisees in similar population environments. You need to speak to enough people for you to get a feel for the real scoop as opposed to what is being advertised. “

Prins’ footwork has paid off – he employs five technicians and one manager and wants to hire more people. Adequate staffing is crucial for a service-oriented company.

“One thing that we do well and that I think sets us apart is just to take the call,” he noted. He added that his technicians “get a quote the same day or the next.

“As a service-oriented company, it is important to have someone who can answer the call. If you wait 10 minutes to call back, that customer is already gone. Even if you have to hire someone who just answers the phone, it’s worth it. “

While the desire to be his own boss motivated Prins to become a business owner, he has found that the reality of owning a business is not what he envisioned.

“Being an entrepreneur is different from being a boss,” he said. “As a business owner, everyone is your boss.”


Owner: Lincoln Prins

Business: Patch Boys from Cedar Rapids and Iowa City

Address: 593 62nd St., Suite 106, Marion

Phone: (319) 449-3388

E-mail: [email protected]



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