Guide To Develop Your Own Handyman App For Your Business!!!

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People are advised to avail of the services that are required to keep their homes hassle-free. Imagine if one house has a problem and no services are available, everyone is suffering and ready to take care of the services.

But at this point the well-known craftsman will be busy and will not be able to come.

So this is where the need for a craftsman arises. The demand for handyman services is growing because everyone needs a professional handyman to find solutions to household problems.

The business will grow profitably due to the demand for the right services at low cost. Start your own Uber for Handyman Services app business by hiring a suitable professional handyman for the services.

Requirements Necessary When Creating Your Own Uber For Craftsmen!

Framework of the idea

Create your own idea for developing a Handyman application with the required features and technology to use.

Prepare your own unique selling proposition for the product.

Potential target group

Plan your target audience properly as they will be your regular customers to use the services when needed. Take part in the survey with the people you address about the services with the available functions.

Select the number of questions to ask to get information about the audiences who are ready to use the services.


For both application and web services, plan your design for what it will look like. Most people will love the design and the services.

The right user-friendly application needs to be set up for customers.

Hire your own developers from our side to keep your application and get your business up and running soon. Trioangle Technologies offers you the solution to start a Handyman Business App.

Features provided in On-Demand Handyman Services App

Easy registration / registration

It is easy for users and service providers to register or log in to GoferHandy. The users can login with the help of Facebook.

Gmail, Apple ID and phone number. The service provider must register with a telephone number for verification purposes.

Earnings and invoices view

The service providers are shown the total earnings for the services with all the details given in ratings and reviews. The date and time with the payment mode are shown in the list.

Multiple payment modes

The service provider can receive payment from users through online transactions such as PayPal, Debit Card and Wallet. Users can also pay for the services with direct cash.

Feedback and rating

This is the most important section where the performance of the app can be easily monitored as customers rate the service provider for the services. A review and evaluation system simplifies the entire process. Not only do other customers benefit from this, but the company also understands and evaluates where it stands.

Advantages of the Handyman app

The app offers real-time jobs.

Providers can work on their schedule and however they want

Providers can get paid for their service quickly.

This on-demand service is licensed, bound and insured for all work performed

This application makes use of location based services that the user can get to know with the help of live tracking.

Access trusted local taskers

Chat with Handyman in the app

Make secure payments in the app

Contact support via email, chat, and phone

Develop an app that solves users’ problems and makes their lives easier. As a leading on-demand app development company, GoferHandy is the best on-demand craftsman app available on both iPhone and Android platforms.

We deliver scalable solutions for the development of web and mobile apps for customers.

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