Handyman explains what it’s like working during coronavirus pandemic

During this home order, there is a worker that families let into their homes: a craftsman.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – During this home order, there is a worker that families allow into their homes: a craftsman. If one of your pipes bursts when your fridge leaves you, if you have electrical issues, or a host of other issues while isolating yourself, who are you going to call? However, it can be particularly difficult for any craftsman to protect themselves in our new coronavirus world.

“I actually have three respirators, the nitrile gloves, the shoe covers and the distance,” said Kevin Madsen of “Kevin, Your Handyman”. “I knock on the door and you open the door and take a few steps back. I’ll close the door behind me. We have the bottle of hand sanitizer in the truck. I have the gloves on, come out when I get to the truck, wipe the gloves off and then take them off, throw them away and then use hand sanitizer on my actual hands. “

Kevin, Your Handyman is a true mom and pop sole proprietorship that has served homes in central Indiana for the past decade. Kevin and Michelle Madsen run it from top to bottom. However, the COVID-19 restrictions have changed their business and lives.

“The state has guidelines on what is important,” said Michelle. “An essential service is required to make the house functional and liveable. If a pipe is leaking or something, that’s an essential job. “

But that’s not where the problems for Kevin and Michelle begin. Due to the coronavirus, they are not doing any conversions or what would be considered elective home improvement.

“So we have nothing in the pipeline because we are not allowed,” said Michelle. “Technically, we are not allowed to make estimates.”

You ask each prospect a series of questions to ensure they are entering a safe work environment.

“You actually have to ask people, ‘Are you socially distant?'” Kevin said. “‘Have you been exposed? Any family members or close relatives who are sick or have been exposed?’ It usually goes pretty well, but you have these people who just don’t want to answer these questions, if they don’t answer the questions or say there’s a good chance I was exposed then we just don’t go there. “

It’s all about being a craftsman in 2020.

“We have come to terms with the fact that when we get back to normal it will be a new normal,” said Michelle. “We both have this mentality in which we have to adapt and overcome.”

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