Handyman, Landscaping Jobs Up In The Air – Good Day Sacramento

ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Landscapers harm the job when people settle into their homes.

Brock Jutter didn’t have to take out his gardening equipment nearly as often as he’d like. He’s a neighborhood handyman who does landscaping, plumbing, and even hanging televisions. That’s how Jutter pays the bills, but it was hard to get work.

“I can do 3 to 7 jobs a day. Now I get 2 to 3 jobs a day, ”said Jutter.

The more people practice social distancing, the less Jutter loses.

“In the past two weeks in particular, I’ve probably cut my usual income in half … and that really makes me skip the barrel to get through,” said Jutter.

While Jutter is looking for more work, he and many others in the same position are unsure of what work is even allowed.

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One landscaper said their workers weren’t going to take jobs. But others take the risk. Landscaper Steven Moya says he is already losing thousands of dollars every week and can no longer afford to lose.

“If I don’t go, I won’t get paid so I have to go to work,” said Moya.

Brock falls under the essential job of a handyman doing jobs such as plumbing, considering he provides services to maintain safe and hygienic conditions. He just hopes people will see this and call him to work.

See Governor Newsom’s appointment for the list of Federal Critical Infrastructure Employees, which includes who is considered a “key” employee.

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