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HAWARDEN –Heartland Appliance and Repair in Hawarden is officially under new ownership.

Rob Van Egdom, 40, bought the company formerly known as The TV and Appliance Shop from his uncle Harlan Van Egdom.

The change was marked by a ribbon cut on Monday, July 20th.

Cut the ribbon

New owner Rob Van Egdom is cutting the tape outside the business he and his partners recently bought to expand their Heartland Appliance & Repair business. Members of the chamber, the city and the community took part in the celebration.

Rob Van Egdom said the Hawarden community supported the original business from the start and helped make it successful today.

“It’s really hard to start a business from scratch,” said Van Egdom. “Harlan already had a good customer base. When we took over George, that wasn’t so much the case. The previous owner had sold 22 devices in the last year they were in the business, so the following was not on the device page. It took five years to get started and it started in the fifth year. “

At no point in his life did Van Egdom intend to own a hardware and appliance business. He thought he was a banker for life, but his father-in-law Dan Gerber had other plans. Gerber owns a plumbing company based in Lester and asked Van Egdom to do business with him and his business partner Dave Roemen.

“I had no experience with hardware,” said Van Egdom. “I wasn’t the handiest man alive, but it was more like getting caught up in a science experiment. Before I left the bank, I asked him if he was sure I should leave the bank. “

When his father-in-law said, “I will not starve your children,” Van Egdom heard everything he needed to venture into the business. Together they have been running Heartland Appliance and Repair in George since February 4, 2014.

For this reason he purposely bought the Hawarden location on February 4th. However, the coronavirus pandemic that hit the area in the spring pushed back the celebration of ribbon cutting until now.

Van Egdom said Harlan plans to go to work every now and then.

“People keep coming and saying, ‘Where’s Harlan? ‘And I am sure that this will be the case for a long time to come,’ said Van Egdom.

The company’s motto is: “Show customers that we always do the right thing,” said Van Egdom. “What would I expect from a retailer or service company in my position? We believe if you treat the customer right they will come back knowing we have our back when things go wrong. “

Heartland Appliance and Repair has three repair workers who repair equipment and are ready to assist customers. The store’s reach extends to Mitchell, SD, east to Spirit Lake, and south to Sioux City.

Van Egdom greeted Hawarden

Rob Van Egdom thanks everyone who came to the ribbon cutting celebration in front of his Heartland Appliance & Repair store, formerly The TV and Appliance Shop.

“We operate a large area and the repair section of the business has not slowed at all,” said Van Egdom. “What really sets us apart is the fact that we show you the prices of the big stores. In our store, you can find everything the big stores can do from pricing to five year protection plans to zero percent financing, delivery, installation, and we add repairs on top of that. So customers can call us directly with anything. We can do everything that has to do with the sale or servicing of equipment. “

Van Egdom said what also sets his stores apart is their “more personal touch” to their work. Heartland has three office workers waiting by phone to take customer calls and make appointments. Van Egdom said this is unique as stores often don’t offer repair services after the device is first purchased, which can be difficult to find someone to do the job.

Van Egdom is excited about the expansion of the business and believes this is a “great investment” for the company. He hopes to have regular customers again in the years to come.



Name: Rob Van Egdom

Position: Co-owner with Dan Gerber and Dave Roemen of Heartland Appliance and Repair in Hawarden and George

Age: 40 years

Residence: Lester

Education: Graduated from West Lyon High School in 1999; graduated from the University of Sioux Falls with a degree in business administration in 2005.

Family: wife, Libby; four children, Bodee, 9; Hall, 7; Cooper, 5; and Jovi, 2.

Interests: spending time with family; Football at all levels



Business: Heartland Appliance and Repair

Owners: Rob Van Egdom, Dan Gerber and Dave Romania

Address: 717 Central Ave., Hawarden;

Opening hours: 9 am-5:30pm Monday to Friday; Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Phone: 712-551-1338

Online: www.heartlandappliance.com; on Facebook under “Heartland Appliance & Repair”

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