High-Performance Home Theater Loudspeaker Brand Atlantic Technology Creates an Eco-System of SKAA® Wireless Multi-Room Audio Products

The products connect and stream hi-fi audio from any source and multipoom game on a ‘SKAA Wireless Audio Superhighway’ that is free from Wi-Fi network problems and congestion

Norwood, MA – June 15, 2020 – Last month, Atlantic Technology released the first wireless SKAA® subwoofers of the CI channel. Two models are available compact and slim (FS-S65 and FS-S8), each of which is the perfect complement to any wired or wireless system. The newest products in Atlantic’s growing SKAA wireless ecosystem, they combine the award-winning FS-252 active bookshelf speakers and the 100 watt x 2 integrated amplifier STA-200.

Other new products in the pipeline are the active outdoor loudspeakers AW-WS100 (June), the Gatecrasher3 soundbar (September), the FS-BTWS582 over-ear headphones (October) and the Gatecrasher GC-SLCR1 rear-channel loudspeakers (November) . All are high performance products ideally suited for 2-channel, home theater and multi-room audio applications.

The enormous advantages of wireless audio over SKAA over the home WiFi network
Invented and licensed by Eleven Engineering – a partner of Atlantic Technology – SKAA is a new international wireless standard designed from the ground up to work seamlessly in all hi-fi applications. It is a cousin of Pro Audio Wireless (PAW), which has proven itself for years in demanding live concert performances by professional musicians worldwide to stream instruments and vocals reliably and perfectly synchronized without latency, dropouts or interference.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth were originally designed for data networking and phone use, and were later adapted for entertainment audio. However, streaming music is very demanding on the bandwidth of the Wi-Fi network and reveals many vulnerabilities that are easily and painfully discernible for a listener. This includes sound quality, interference, dropouts, variable latency or signal synchronization delay and limited signal range. The variable high latency also creates A / V lip sync issues, making wireless speakers unsuitable for TV, movie and video games.

The good news is that SKAA eliminates all the problems with other wireless audio systems. It’s always clear, at full frequency and with high dynamic range, and delivers sound quality comparable to wired systems. SKAA’s fixed 36 millisecond low-latency signal is 4 to 5 times lower than Bluetooth’s variable latency from 120 to 200 ms and 50 to 80 times lower than Wi-Fi’s variable latency from 2,000 to 3,000 msec, creating audible, out of sync audio Switching between multi-room Wi-Fi speakers. In contrast, SKAA’s low fixed latency of 36 ms provides clear, consistent multi-room audio with an accuracy of 0.04 ms between speakers.

SKAA also delivers a robust signal up to a range of 150 feet over the worldwide open 2.4 GHz band. It’s reliable due to its patented Walking Frequency Diversity ™ (or WFD) channel-hopping technology with error correction that eliminates glitches, clicks, pops, or dropouts in even the loudest RF environments, whether in tech-packed homes, apartments, or even businesses are common at busy trade shows.

No special apps, networks, WiFi settings, passwords or pairings are required to connect SKAA devices. Simply press a button to connect any SKAA speakers, receivers or headphones to any audio source.

The Active speaker system FS-252 is both an SKAA receiver and a transmitter. As a receiver, it can be connected to a variety of analog media sources (CD player, television, etc.) via various cable connections and wireless digital media sources with Bluetooth or SKAA transmitters – a function that distinguishes them from other multi-media room systems. As a transmitter, it can simultaneously transmit up to four additional SKAA systems, amplifiers or headphones for single or multi-room use.

The Subwoofer with FS-S65 (6.5-inch driver) and FS-S8 (8-inch) Boast the versatility of wired and universal wireless connectivity. You receive wireless SKAA audio signals from the active bookshelf speakers FS-252, the integrated amplifier STA-200 and the upcoming active multi-room soundbar Gatecrasher3. The subs also have RCA line inputs and outputs for maximum value and versatility that most other wireless subs lack.

Both an SKAA receiver and a transmitter that Compact integrated 200 watt class D amplifier STA-200 drives conventional passive speakers and can also be used with active (self-amplified) speakers. It can easily be connected to a range of analog or digital audio sources such as CD players, televisions, smartphones, tablets, computers and more.

“Atlantic Technology understood the needs of consumers and home technicians and ushered in a whole new era in multiroom audio with this SKAA ecosystem,” said Paul Muto of Muto Communications, Atlantic Technology’s global PR agency. Record and speaker. “Today, and for the foreseeable future, the whole family will be using WiFi for entertainment, computing and automation – as you call it. Atlantic Technology’s SKAA products are easy to use, share the WiFi network and offer higher performance. As a result, other wireless multiroom audio solutions on the market really pale in comparison. ”

SKAA transmitter adapter and app
Small, inexpensive digital SKAA transmitters adapt any analog or digital audio device to expand the wireless SKAA functionality inexpensively, quickly and easily. This includes PC, MAC and NAS – and portable iOS, Android or Blackberry devices can be converted into an SKAA transmitter with adapters for USB-A, Micro-USB, USB-C or iOS Lightning. Digital TOSLINK and Coax S / PDIF as well as stereo analog SKAA transmitters are also available.

You can find more information at … https://shop.atlantictechnology.com/product-category/multi-room-streaming/wireless-accessories/. In addition, the free “SKAA .cmd” app offers multi-room operation that can be adapted to the transmitter, e.g. B. setting up group control or muting selective loudspeakers in the household. The app is available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC. Find it at www.skaa.com/tlc/, in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

For all Atlantic Technology press inquiries, contact Muto Communications. Paul Muto phone: 516.662.5374, email: [email protected] / Paul Fredrickson phone: 781.308.2312, email: [email protected]

SKAA and Walking Frequency Diversity are trademarks of Eleven Engineering, Inc.

About Atlantic Technology
Since 1989, Atlantic Technology’s mission has been to develop and market innovative stereo music and home theater surround systems, subwoofers, TV sound bars, wireless intelligent multi-room systems, wall / ceiling and outdoor speakers that are mixed into a complete home entertainment solutions can range from simple to great. Our global team of designers, engineers, technology partners, and our own, fully dedicated manufacturing, create audio products to delight consumers worldwide who value superior music and movie entertainment experiences with exceptional sound quality that exceeds the listener’s expectations and remains true to the artist’s original work created. For more information about Atlantic Technology and its wide range of high quality home theater and custom audio / video installation products, visit www.atlantictechnology.com or call 781.762.6300.

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