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When you wake up to find that the washing machine has a leak, it’s easy to take it as an omen for a bad day. Our home appliances play an important role in our daily lives and when they stop working we really see their value. However, it can be confusing (and expensive) to navigate the repair process. Here are some tips to help you save time and money:

Clean up!

Cleaning up before the technician arrives isn’t just a thoughtful gesture; it can actually save you money. Most repair technicians charge by the hour, so the time spent clearing the refrigerator is added to the bill if the technician has to do it himself. Also clear the space around the device and give it at least a few feet to work. If you think they might need access to the water pipe or breaker box, clear a path here as well.

The warranty

Most large appliances come with a warranty that covers certain repairs and replacements. Keeping this information handy is a big step in saving money. However, guarantees are void. Michigan homeowners say peace of mind is important. This is probably why many choose a Michigan home warranty that can cover the cost of repairs, including parts and labor. If you look around your home, you can probably build a long list of devices. Home guarantees cover most, if not all, of these, depending on which plan you choose. How much nicer would your morning coffee taste if after the exhaust fan went off you knew that the repair was just a phone call away and already covered?

Ask a real estate agent

Who of us deals with mechanics on a regular basis? Real estate agents must of course prepare properties for the market. If you’ve recently moved and keep in touch, your agent likely has technicians whom they call in and trust on a regular basis. That means you should be confident that you are getting a fair price and high quality repair. It can also be helpful to ask previous owners for the contact information of their installers who have worked on existing or previous equipment in the home, as they will better understand the home and the sources of supply associated with it.

Get the information

We don’t often think about writing down the make and model of our equipment until the technician asks us. However, it is a good idea to gather information along with a description of the failure when you call the repair company. This saves you time and money. With this information, the technician knows what tools to bring and can perform mental troubleshooting before they arrive. That means they can start repairing right away as a good part of their assessment has already been completed.

No matter how well you look after your home and prioritize maintenance, machines get old and stop working. Failing devices are enough of a headache for your day, but luckily, with these tips and tricks, the repair process doesn’t have to be painful.

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