Home Theater Anamorphic Retrofits Creating Fast Returns for Custom Installers

Shawn Kelly, CEO and Founder of Panamorph, says home theater upgrades are increasing as customers stay home more to watch movies and stream content during the pandemic. Upgrading to 4K anamorphic cinema is an option that integrators can make available to their customers on-site quickly and with minimal time.

Upgrading existing customers’ home theaters can be an important source of income for integrators, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. A key example of this new trend is the move to 4K anamorphic cinema. Shawn Kelly, Founder and CEO of Panamorph, spoke to Jason Knott of CE Pro about what this means for integrators.

CE Pro: What is driving this retrofit push?

Shawn Kelly: Well, it’s really a combination of two things. First, I think most people have accepted that theatrical format movies and streaming content will be more likely to be seen at home than in commercial cinemas, at least in the near future. That means they are ready to invest in modernizing their theaters to get the highest performance, but only if a plumber is in their home for a very short time. Second, our new direct-attach cinema conversion lenses for Sony and JVC projectors take just minutes to install, so they support the quick but obvious upgrade customers are looking for.

CE Pro: Do you really mean minutes

Kelly: Yes. If the client already has a 2.4: 1 screen and one of the newer Sony or JVC 4K projectors that work with our direct attach lenses, then realistically 10 minute tips to install and dial up are involved.

CE Pro: And customers find this valuable enough for the $ 5,995 price tag and the time they spend in their homes?

Attaching the latest Panamorph conversion lenses to a Sony or JVC projector takes less than 10 minutes.

Kelly: The reality is that customers have already invested in a projector with anamorphic capabilities so all they need is the lens to support the extra brightness and level of detail that takes their performance beyond commercial cinemas. This dramatic level of improvement with a short installation time is convincing.

CE Pro: They said a 2.4: 1 screen. What about 2.35: 1 screens?

Kelly: The new direct mount lenses are optimized for the industry standard 2.4: 1 ratio of films made since 1972. If an older 2.35: 1 screen is used, each left and right edge is scanned by approximately 1% of the screen width.

CE Pro: Where do you go for more information?

Kelly: www.panamorph.com or send me an email at [email protected] All authorized Sony and JVC projector dealers are automatically pre-authorized as Panamorph dealers, so it only takes 90 seconds to register with us to access our dealer portal for prices and orders.

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