HomePod mini and HomePod Can’t Be Stereo Paired, But HomePod Home Theater Support Coming Soon for Apple TV 4K

Following the announcement of the HomePod mini at the Apple event on Tuesday, The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple answered an important question many people have asked: Can you pair a HomePod mini with an original HomePod to form a stereo pair?

“The short answer is no,” explains Dalrymple. “You can’t make a stereo pair of a ‘HomePod’ and a ‘HomePod mini’. You can make a stereo pair of two HomePods or two ‘HomePod’ minis, but you can’t mix and match the two products.”

However, that does not mean that the two devices cannot be used together at all. Dalrymple goes on to explain that you can use a “HomePod” and a “HomePod mini” at home to play your music in different rooms. Apple’s new intercom function also works on both devices.

Dalrymple says an update is in the pipeline for the original HomePod that will add many of the HomePod mini’s features, including intercom, personal update, card continuity, multi-user support for podcasts, and support for third-party music services like Pandora and Amazon Music.

Homepod models compared

In another noteworthy tidbit, he says that an additional upcoming feature exclusive to the original HomePod will be “an immersive home theater experience when paired with an Apple TV 4K”.

To get surround 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos, you have to pair one or two “HomePod” speakers with the “Apple TV”. This function requires the spatial sound support of “HomePod”, so it is not available for the “HomePod mini”.

It goes without saying that this ability to select HomePods as the home theater speakers for “Apple TV” also addresses the lingering problem with “Apple TV” where people often forget that HomePods are the speakers of choice for audio output.

Finally, Dalrymple states that a “HomePod” and a “HomePod mini” cannot be connected to “Apple TV” at the same time, but two “HomePod” minis connected to “Apple TV” deliver stereo sound.

The “HomePod mini” costs 99 US dollars and is available in both white and space gray. Pre-orders begin November 6th and deliveries begin November 16th.

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