How to Build a Home Theater With Products Under $100

Google Chromecast

Chromecast 2015


Today most new televisions have them


, and integrated HBO GO apps. But most of the time these services are either slow or difficult to enter search terms.

With a

, Your laptop and your phone can act as remote controls.

With Chromecast, you can stream almost anything – your computer screen, a PowerPoint presentation, a slideshow, Spotify, Netflix, etc. – to your TV or monitor, as long as it has an HDMI slot and you have a working Wi-Fi connection . Most apps let you mirror the screen to a TV by selecting the “Casting” icon (it looks like a Wi-Fi signal plugged into a TV).

Google’s latest Chromecast model costs just $ 69. You can stream for that price

Videos to the device. But be careful – if you want to stream 4K, make sure the connection speed is fast enough. If you don’t, the $ 35 Chromecast you get at Best Buy will do just fine.

Other streaming device options include Apple TV ($ 150 for the latest model), which is more expensive but smooth and easy to use if you’re already connected to the Apple ecosystem. the

Amazon fire stick
Also getting a redesign in late October, is a great buy for $ 39.99 and has easy access to Amazon Prime Video as well as an included remote control.

But for the sake of simplicity and a less secluded part of your life, Chromecast is a great choice.

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