How to deal with appliance repair problems

WISCONSIN – In the past few months, we’ve heard from a number of consumers who are having issues repairing equipment. In some cases repairs are delayed due to unavailable parts or a lack of deadlines. However, there are a few things you possibly can do to get things going faster.

Before planning a repair, you may be able to troubleshoot problems and find repair tips by reading the owner’s manual or visiting the manufacturer’s website. Some of these websites have manuals that you can download and videos for easy repairs.

If you cannot find information about your specific problem, the manufacturer, parts dealer, or repair shop may be able to help you over the phone. Some have qualified staff who might explain how to fix a problem yourself, or provide helpful repair or replacement tips.

When hiring a repair service, check their reputation and pay with a credit card. This can provide an opportunity to dispute the fee if the repair or parts are faulty.

If you continue to struggle to troubleshoot and cannot get help from a company or manufacturer, contact consumer resources like the Better Business Bureau or our Call 4 Action office for help.

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