How to Fix Drywall Quickly

Pinning a hole in the wall is considered a simple home improvement task. However, to make it really smooth and firm, you need to be familiar with grout and know the limits of your repair screen. RYOBI introduces a new drywall repair kit that will be available in three sizes. Unlike most kits, which consist of a mesh screen and some spackle, this kit contains a hole saw that has a plug embedded in it instead of the hole.

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You will need a drill bit to start the hole and then you can hand tighten the plug on the wall. Use sandpaper to smooth down drywall tar and get the plug under the wall to get it really muddy.

Providing a permanent solution to drywall holes, this kit does not suffer from the ripple and general weakness that plague screen repairs. It’s also much easier to install, which leads to better results when you paint.

The RYOBI Drywall Repair Kit will be available in late March / early April 2016 for $ 11.97.

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