How To Incorporate The Latest Design Trends Into Your Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Project

While the choice of the real estate professional to hire matters, the best results can only be achieved if the homeowner is proactive and takes 5 smart steps! In order to achieve the desired results, ie usually selling your own house at the highest possible price in the shortest possible time with a minimum of effort / stress, planning and communication between the seller and his representative are required! Only when planned – teamwork, carefully considered and used, and the homeowner understands what his responsibility is, will the optimal results occur! With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss 5 key actions that will help achieve the results you want.

1. Curb attractiveness (outside): Paying attention to the appeal of the curb has to be more than just empty rhetoric and / or some abstract ideas / concepts! Which, potential, qualified buyers, gives them a first impression that will have a major impact on their potential level of consideration for your home and property! Before you start, gradually approach your home and consider it a potential buyer. Make a commitment to be truly objective and proactively address potential weaknesses! Points to be covered that relate to essential aspects including: using flowers, bushes, etc. to improve the first look; Make sure the area is neat, clean and clear; Fixed issues related to the driveway and front walkways / paths; Mow the lawn and effectively with mulch, etc .; Outside areas, including the appearance of concrete, foundations, paint, windows, screens, storm doors, exterior doors, etc.

2. Staging / disorder: Many potential buyers are turned off when they see a house full of clutter and other distractions! Because so many are often challenged when it comes to seeing things as they may be, and not just from a cosmetic and / or decorative point of view, it is often beneficial to take advantage of hiring a professional, home stager!

3. Thorough cleaning / deodorized: To maximize potential interest, a smart homeowner will ensure that the house is thoroughly cleaned and deodorized before any showings, etc. Plus, every time it’s viewed, it needs to be presented as neat, clean, neat, and well-kept!

4th Handle all / all possible distractions: You don’t want a potential buyer to be negative and distracted, especially not by some easy-to-address potential distractions! Objectively, slowly enter the house and look around to observe anything that does not present itself positively! Also, ask for the input of the agent you are hiring so you are sure to be well prepared etc!

5. Emphasize strengths / minimize weaknesses: How can you highlight the strengths of your home and property and get others to give much of their attention / focus to these areas / items? What else can you do to minimize potential vulnerabilities? Emphasize the positive!

Often, effectively, the key to being homeowners for the best results lies in teamwork, where the seller and the agent they hire are always on the same page! Since the value of their home is the greatest financial asset for most, doesn’t that make sense?

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