How to Turn Your TV Into a Virtual Fireplace

TV fireplace

There is nothing like the cozy comfort of a crackling fire. However, not everyone has a fireplace in their home – or wants to deal with hauling firewood. Here’s how to turn your TV into a fireplace instead.

The world of the virtual environment is pretty interesting. You can easily go down the rabbit hole and find weird specific experiences like “Relaxing Kitchen and Cooking Sounds” and “Christmas Music From Another Room”.

In this guide, we will focus on fireplaces. There are many different ways to turn your TV into a virtual fireplace. It really depends on what devices and services you have connected to your TV. We’ll cover some of the most popular options.

Streaming services

Fireplace for your homeFireplace for your home / Netflix

The easiest way to turn your TV into a fireplace is to simply play a video of a fireplace from the streaming service of your choice. Fireplace videos have become extremely popular over the years, so you can find them on almost any streaming platform.


Netflix has a surprisingly large library of fireplace videos. The “Fireplace for your home” series (also available on DVD) includes a variety of background music and different types of wood. There is something for everybody.

Playing these videos works just like any other Netflix TV show or movie. Just search for “fireplace” to find it.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s Prime Video service doesn’t have as many options as Netflix, but it does have a few fireplace videos. Prime has the “Fireplace 4K: Classic Edition”, which is not available in all locations. Other options include meditation sounds and a campfire on the beach.


YouTube has hundreds of fireplace videos to choose from. There really is something for every conceivable situation. Star Wars fan? Check. Dog lover? Check. Scientist? Check.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, YouTube has plenty of options. The Fireplace for Your Home channel has shorter versions of the videos you find on Netflix.

Search for “fireplace” to explore the many videos. Here are a few to get you started:

Smart TV apps

Winter fireplaceWinter fireplace

Streaming services are great, but you may not have subscribed to them or prefer something a little more direct. Many smart TV platforms have apps that are specifically designed to display a fireplace on your TV.

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular fireplace apps for a wide variety of smart TV platforms. You can also open the App Store on your specific device and search for “fireplace”.

Apple TV Fireplace apps

Android TV / Google TV Fireplace apps

Roku fireplace apps

Amazon Fire TV fireplace apps

Chromecast Fireplace apps

Chromecast devices don’t really have “apps” like other smart TV platforms. Instead, the apps are on your mobile device, from which you “cast” the content on the Chromecast. You can cast any fireplace video from the streaming services listed above to your Chromecast-enabled TV.

As you can see, there are many ways to bring the warm fireplace experience into your home. Hopefully, with all of these great options, you can make your living room look like a cozy cabin on a cold winter day.

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