If you own this popular electric fireplace, stop using it immediately – BGR

  • Nearly 50,000 units of a popular electric fireplace are being recalled for their overheating potential and an actual fire.
  • The heaters can cause smoke and even fire, and there have been dozens of cases where this dangerous situation has been reported.
  • The company urges users to stop using it immediately and contact them for a free repair kit and home repair.

In many states here in the USA, winter is just around the corner. Snow and icy winds come well before the “official” start of winter. In colder temperatures, chimneys of all kinds are re-lit for the first time in months. However, owners of a particular model of electric fireplace should think twice before flicking this power button.

A recent Consumer Product Safety Commission recall reveals that a popular electric fireplace sold in Lowe’s stores in the United States could potentially start a house fire, causing serious damage and injury.

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Unlike some household goods recalls, which are relatively small, this recall is a large one with around 48,000 affected units. That’s a large number of fireplaces, and the fact that the units were sold within five years doesn’t help. The company states that the units went on sale from January 2013 to April 2018.

This recall concerns Allen + Roth brand electric infrared quartz fireplaces with a width of 62 inches and 5,120 BTU, Lowes item number 466656. The electric fireplaces are housed in a cherry wood-colored cabinet and have a thermostat and a remote control. An insert in the closet simulates a wood fire and provides heat. “FEBO Flame Electric Fireplace Model Number ZHS-30-A” is printed on a white label on the back of the product.

To date, the company has received over two dozen complaints from owners that their fireplaces have overheated and in some cases started smoking or even creating real flames, which is obviously incredibly dangerous.

“The company has received 28 reports of overheating, fire or smoke. Several of these incidents reportedly caused smoke damage in the area and in one case smoke inhalation, ”the company’s recall bulletin said.

How the manufacturer, LG Sourcing, Inc., plans the repair, there is a plan in place where customers can request a free repair kit and then bring a mechanic to their home to make the necessary changes to the unit. Given that the fireplaces are starting at around $ 700, it makes sense that the company would want to do whatever it takes to fix issues rather than asking customers to return or refund them.

The company says the malfunctioning units caused smoke damage to homes and a smoke inhalation case for a customer. So if you have one of these chimneys in your home, the best thing to do is to get it repaired before something bad happens.

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