Indian Integrator Creates ‘Dark Night’ Home Theater to Serve as Respite for Weary Showroom Owner

Founded in 2007 in Ahmedabad, GJ India, integrator Sound Sense has always prided itself on serving its customers within their code of ethics and commitment to excellence. While recent awards for their work include a CEDIA Award and a CTA 2019 Mark of Excellence Award, Sound Sense knew it had to look back on previous projects and try to find a solution when the team was asked to put in a particularly tricky theater installation To take attack.

The Sound Sense team knew that the project, titled The Dark Night, would test his creative skills after a local business owner shared his needs. The owner of the high-end electronics and home appliance showroom wanted a unique, discreet, world-class home theater facility with a large screen and seating for seven people. Setting up the theater would require audio and video calibration and one-touch controls.

The theater area, intended to serve as the owner’s work break, is conveniently located next to the store’s showroom and office. The existing room structure had to be updated to create a viable theater space, and noise isolation was a top priority.

“We faced some challenges when it came to interior design,” says Ankur Bhatt, founder and director of Sound Sense. “Our first obstacle was the structural planning. The entrance to the cinema was from behind in the middle of the room. The placement of the steps leading to the room had to be worked out as the steps followed immediately after the door was opened. We chose curved steps to create enough space between the doors and the step landing. “

In-wall phase technology speakers help stop unwanted noise

The wall speakers also played a role in reducing noise. Phase Technology’s CI Custom Install 3-way wall-mounted speakers were selected for high-end theater audio for their high quality sound and noise isolation properties. The CI 120 and CI 130 use a hybrid wall-mounted cabinet that lowers sound transmission to an adjacent room while maintaining bass performance at a level that is close to an infinite baffle design. In this design, a loudspeaker with the same rear housing has a bass output that, according to MSE Audio, is up to an octave lower than a comparable loudspeaker.

“The goal of this installation was to give the client the best cinematic experience and to project the director’s intent in every possible way,” says Bhatt. “We usually stick to Phase Tech’s Custom Install line. These speakers are useful in discreet installations. Their on-axis and off-axis response is unique and enhances the overall setup experience. And because of the technology used in these wall and ceiling speakers, they produce a controlled sound that helps isolate noise. “

The Dark Night Theater also contains a digitally addressable lighting system with Crestron DALI lighting interface. The Sound Sense team used the DALI system to outline the theater walls and create dim lighting for impressive views of the darkened room.

“Our customer was very satisfied with the theater. High quality, reliable product solutions are a top priority for any AV integrator, ”says Bhatt.

Equipment list:

  • 3 Phase Tech CI 130 LCR speakers
  • 4 Phase Tech CI 70X surround speakers
  • 4 Phase Tech CI 7.3X Atmos speakers
  • 2-phase Tech Power FL12 subwoofer
  • Marantz AV 7704 processor
  • Marantz MM 8077 7-channel power amplifier
  • Marantz MM 7055 5-channel power amplifier
  • Sony BDP s1500 Blu Ray Player
  • Apple iPad Mini for business automation
  • iPort Launchport charging station for iPad
  • Milan Acoustic transparent screen with a fixed frame
  • JVC UH1 200 Inside the projector
  • Grandview projector stand
  • Legrand Valrack for devices
  • Ubiquiti UAP AC access point
  • D-Link GO-SW-5G Internet switch with 5 connections
  • Nvidia Shield tablet computer
  • Crestron CP3 automation processor
  • Crestron DIN DALI 2 lighting module
  • Crestron PW60 DIN DALI power supply
  • Tata Sky HD satellite television

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