It’s Register My Appliance Week: keep the kitchen magic safe

As we return to the new normal, the home appliance industry is reminding households to look around their homes and register the more than 100 million older devices that have helped lock down and often keep them entertained.

Our kitchens were something special last year. With the help of several important gadgets, not only did they keep everyone clean and fed, but also provided space for magic and fun during difficult times.

Despite the importance of these machines, recent government research found that 49% of people have never registered their products. This leaves them off the radar in case a safety repair is ever needed and the manufacturer doesn’t know where to contact them.

Register your devices

While the blocking restrictions are slowly loosening, there is still plenty of time for visitors to the online portal you can quickly and easily log your household appliance data with the manufacturers of almost 60 brands. Since most products are up to 12 years old, registering older, previously forgotten machines is an easy task.


According to a survey by the Association of Household Appliances Manufacturers, our kitchens have taken on new dimensions in our lives over the past year. Our kitchens have become a unique and sometimes magical place.

Adventurous cooking was important to many. In addition to baking delicacies (31%) and trying new recipes (20%), many less traditional activities took place in our kitchens. It was the hub for more than one in five (22%) to keep in touch with distant friends and family members, for discos, karaoke and quizzes for 16%, closely followed by the gym Bunny Heaven for 15% as well as at home hair and Beauty salon for a similar 15%.

For almost one in five, the kitchen was simply the heart of the home, while for 13% it was a fun place and for another 13% a magical safe haven. More practically, the kitchen served as a new office for 10% nationwide – a figure that rose to 20% for houses in London.


In the meantime, our home appliances became a mainstay and worked hard to keep everyone running. Fridges and freezers in particular were used to cut the number of supermarkets by almost half the country (43%), followed by stoves and hobs, which 38% considered crucial as everyone ate mainly at home and even cooked in batches for other days. Almost every fourth house ran its washing machines much more to wash clothes and towels. Tying with vacuum cleaners, which were also rated as very practical for the constant clean-up work of almost a quarter of households. Not to forget kettles and coffee machines, which were constantly in use in every fifth kitchen café.


However, the nationwide survey of device users in both rental and condominiums also found that the vast majority (83%) of respondents did not know or believed that they could register an older device used in their homes, which they hadn’t bought. This included equipment they found in their homes when moving in, buying used, or inherited from family or friends.

Paul Hide, CEO of AMDEA hopes so many continue to work from home, being close to our equipment will make it easier to take this sensible precaution by saying:

“While device recalls are very rare and can usually be resolved with a free home repair, the key is to get in touch quickly with the owners of potentially affected models to make the arrangements. Few people seem to realize that they can and should register older models. At a time when we are close to our kitchens with our phones and tablets, it makes sense to take this simple security measure to ensure manufacturers can get in touch. “

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