It’s The Little Things: Mr. Handyman Takes On Projects

July 09, 2021

Many people and businesses have growing to-do lists.

Below is the interview.

This is the transcription of the interview:

ST Billingsley: Thank you for joining the What’s Up Prince William community here. And today we have Tom Payne from Mr. Handyman. Thank you for being on the show with us today. And tell us a little bit, what is Mr. Handyman and what services do you do?

Tom Payne: Well, thank you for having us. We really appreciate it. Mr. Handyman from Northern Virginia, we do all the little projects that people don’t mean to be silly with, they don’t have the time, patience, inclination to do that. Our specialty ranges from two-hour to two-day projects, from simply replacing a ceiling tile in a store, to pressure cleaning a patio in a house, to everything in between. It’s the honeydew list on the fridge to describe it well.

ST Billingsley: So, I know you mentioned a business, so is this a business and residential?

Tom Payne: Yeah. We offer services for both. We oversee small projects that only need to be done in the commercial sector and at home. We were lucky enough to be busy during this difficult time because where there are people there are breaks. So it’s one of those things that we can help with both in business and around the house.

ST Billingsley: Gotcha. So I know a lot of people who take care of things, such as being certified or having a certain qualification. What are you doing to work with it?

Tom Payne: We are a class A contractor, we are licensed and have liability insurance. So all of I’s are dotted and Ts are crossed with all of that. And again it is very important that we also have vaccinated technicians, I know this has become a big deal. In addition, we are also a national franchise company, so we must also follow franchise guidelines.

ST Billingsley: Oh, very good. So some people also wonder why it is important to have a Class A certification licensed and bound? What is the difference between say, for you guys you hear a lot of places, these guys do it, they have their own business. Why do they want to hire someone like you who is licensed and insured?

Tom Payne: That’s a really great question. We are there in case something goes wrong. So if you are hiring someone who is not licensed and tied and insured, we’re doing a really simple scenario. You have a sink and you have to replace the water on the tap. And heaven forbid the faucet breaks and the water pipe breaks and floods the house, the floors, the wall. If an uninsured person did this, you are out of luck. If an insured contractor has come in and done so, they are insured so we can take care of it through insurance. So licensed, bound and insured is a preventative measure. Those, just in case.

ST Billingsley: Right. Exactly. So the cheapest isn’t always the best?

Tom Payne: That’s right. That’s the old adage, you get what you pay for it. Yes. And what we tell people is peace of mind for what if.

ST Billingsley: Very good. Well, Mr. Handyman, on the company front, but especially Mr. Handyman Northern Virginia, you are doing a lot of community support.

Tom Payne: We do.

ST Billingsley: Why not tell me a little about the community support you are providing?

Tom Payne: We do a lot. Jo McCabe, the owner of the franchise, is a retired naval officer. We work a lot with the VFW, Project Mend-A-House, many non-profit organizations. And we do some projects once a year. And again we like to help with the community, especially in the veteran area.

ST Billingsley: What kind of things are you doing? So one of the local VFWs can connect you with a veteran. What are you doing for them in the houses?

Tom Payne: Great. So, yeah, we have a project called the National Day of Service that happens on the Friday after the work day. One of the local VFWs reaches out to us and has a veteran who is struggling with some resources or the ability to get things done, or just needs to remodel his house to make his life easier. For example, we did a job where a gentleman needed a walker, so we had to widen the doors. His house, the deck had to be washed with high pressure, clapboards had to be cleaned and some replaced, the shutters had to be painted. We built a ramp for his wife, who was in a wheelchair when she got out of the car to enter, we widened the doors. All the little projects just to say thank you and help them for your service and make their life a little easier.

ST Billingsley: Not only is this something new, you’ve been doing this for years.

Tom Payne: We have. What happened is that Jo closes the whole office. So Jo, all of the office staff, me and all of the technicians, we go to that person’s home and there is a laundry list of what we need to do and we take care of it. And again, it’s our way of giving back.

ST Billingsley: Great. Well, thank you very much, especially for doing this kind of work for our community and you and your company. It is very important that businesses get involved and support the community, and we appreciate all that you have all done.

Tom Payne: Thank you. Many Thanks. Here, too, we believe it is important to support your local community.

ST Billingsley: And thank you for being on our show today.

Tom Payne: No, please. Thanks for the invitation.

ST Billingsley: And thank you for participating in community conversations.

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