Laguna Woods co-op board endorses business to take over ‘handyman’ services – Orange County Register

After becoming a high demand program in its pilot run, the Craftsman Program will return for United Mutual residents under new conditions.

The craftsman task force has approved the third-party service NeighborING to do the housework.

NeighborING is led by Mission Viejo’s 24-year-old entrepreneur Josh Mundell and his fleet of 150 college students ready to help with cleaning, organizing, gardening, and other household needs.

All of the rented students have passed background checks, which were further reviewed by the task force, said United Force Chairman Cash Achrekar.

“Anyone can refer to being 18, 19, or 20 years old and needing money,” Mundell said. “The economics between senior citizens, who may have a steady income, and college students creates a win-win situation for everyone.”

Depending on the task, residents can make an appointment online or by phone for a task at a cost of $ 18-26 per hour. For long-term, more time-consuming projects, there is an option to propose a budget in advance.

The program is not operated through Village Management Services and costs are not covered by reviews.

When it comes to the duties on offer, moving boxes, furniture, and electronics are high on the requirement list, Mundell said.

Tech Aid is growing in popularity as seniors enter the digital age and often request assistance with setting up a new iPhone or connecting bluetooth devices.

Some requirements may be more specific to the customer.

A client of Mundell hired a student to transcribe her poetry onto a Word document in order to preserve her writings. The hired typist enjoyed free poetry at work.

“It’s really cool to be able to make these special connections,” said Mundell.

Services that require professional help, such as painting, carpentry, electrical work, or plumbing, are not supported through this platform, Achrekar said.

Achrekar noted that it is a resident’s privilege to hire someone he wants for the job.

“Based on their performance so far, (NeighborING) has provided very good service,” he said.

NeighborING has been reviewed and approved by the task force and has long worked with the village social services department.

“Most of these residents have their own solutions. Whether it’s a grandchild or a daughter or someone else helping them when these people are not available, (the residents) are kind of stuck in the water when they really need help, ”Mundell said. “With our service, you can easily hire this grandson or daughter when you need them most.”

To make an appointment, call 949-322-4923 or visit NeighborING’s website at

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