Last day to file for Chinese drywall $248 million settlement


For homeowners who have had toxic Chinese drywall, they will see $ 248 million in cash from a settlement. Drywall began to be installed in homes across southwest Florida in the early 2000s after hurricanes caused significant damage and there was a shortage of drywall.

Richard and Patti Kampf, once called the Chinese drywall, found out in 2008 that it was a nightmare in their Cape Coral home.

“It was cough, runny nose, if you had a cold, the cold was made worse by the fact that you had sulfur dioxide,” Richard said. “It blackened everything in the house that had to do with metal. Especially copper and silver, that is, all of the electrical wiring. We had television errors, computers failed. “

The couple spent over $ 100,000 repairing their home and were part of a major deal with manufacturer KPT in 2011. Now, after 10 years of litigation, a federal judge has given final approval for a $ 248 million settlement against another Chinese company.

The $ 248 million settlement includes a master list of over 3,000 claims. A handful of these cases are in Cape Coral. Wednesday, February 12th, is the final day for submission.

MORE: Instructions for filing a claim

While the fighting is happy that more families are getting some money back, they fear for those who do not know they are living with toxic drywall.

“There could be 500 to 1,000 or more homes affected by Chinese drywall work anywhere in and around Lee County,” Richard said. “And people don’t know.”

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