Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce: SCORE Mentor Helps Teacher Launch Handyman Side Gig

Justin Kloc grew up helping his “a lot.”
handy “father with projects around her home. The Lower Makefield native
strengthened its handiness by helping family members get home
Repairs and renovations.

When Kloc bought his upper
Makefield Township home, its ability to repair, install and wash basins, toilets and
Repair drywall, paint, lay lighting and flooring, do plumbing and
The remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms was a definite advantage.

After renovating his home, Kloc, a
Social study teacher of 12 years old said the idea of ​​starting his own craftsman
Business “just started from there.”

He started dating SCORE Bucks
County mentor Joe Lutes in October 2020. By the end of the year, Kloc had officially
founded Kloc Work LLC, a home improvement company that caters to a wide variety of artisans
Services to customers in Bucks County and parts of New Jersey.

“I started seeing Joe and us
I’ve talked about it as you grow, “said Kloc.” I started laying the frame with
all i wanted to do “

Kloc is currently running its business
Besides teaching, with more availability during his summer break from
School. At some point he wants to stand on his side all day.

“It’s going really well,” said Kloc

Kloc started working two summers ago
with a fellow craftsman.

“I went home and said to my wife, ‘Me
can do that, “recalled Kloc.” It was the first time that I realized I could do it. “
what I like to do. ”

When Kloc started looking after
With SCORE, Lutes helped him develop a business plan and gave insights into
LLC formation, insurance, contractor licenses, and more. Sounds too
Kloc was taught the importance of researching his competition and his company
a monthly cash forecast for the company and as a household.

“He clearly takes my mentoring to heart
and understands the importance of the various components of his business. “
Loud said. “I am confident that he will and will continue to succeed
in the future due to his organizational skills which have served him well as
Teacher and which he is now transferring to his business. “

Kloc wants to continue meeting
his SCORE mentor monthly. Since his business continues to flourish, he knows it there
could provide an opportunity for further information exchange meetings.

He credits Lutes for helping him
Make a living doing what he enjoys most: “Meeting people, talking to people
and to be able to share what I know with you. “

Since 1964, SCORE has helped more
than 11 million aspiring entrepreneurs. SCORE every year
offers more than 375,000 mentoring and workshops for small businesses
new and growing small businesses. With 50 members in total
County, SCORE Bucks “County” offers over 1,500 free
Annual support for local small business owners
through individual advice and seminars for small businesses. To stay up to date
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This news release was prepared by the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce. The views expressed are those of the author.

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