Metra Home Theater Group Rebrands as MetraAV, Expands to Commercial Market

The Metra Home Theater Group has been renamed MetraAV as part of a brand overhaul to accommodate expansion into commercial integration products.

MetraAV’s new tagline, previously known as “The Installer’s Choice”, is “The Integrator’s Choice”.

“We are known as a manufacturer that specializes in premium home theater and surveillance products for households. Because a large number of our products have been developed and engineered on a professional level, they are also versatile and suitable for the needs of commercial environments, ”said Jessy Crabb, General Manager of MetraAV.

“Many of our clients have evolved into light commercial projects over the past year, and the industry itself is changing, blurring the lines between home and business,” she added. “Restaurants, small offices, and places of worship are just a few of the places where integrators use our AV products. We released a commercial catalog last year showcasing these versatile solutions and look forward to bringing more commercial integration products to market in 2021. “

Check out the video below to learn more about MetraAV.

The MetraAV commercial catalog consists of HDMI electronics – including repair tools, extenders, splitters, and switches – as well as converters, IR kits, HDMI cables, audio cables, patch cords, RCA cables, power cables, ground cables, and structured cabling accessories. Adapters and other installation accessories such as banana plugs, connectors and connectors, trapezoidal inserts, and fiber tools are also listed in the commercial catalog. Further expansions are planned for this year. MetraAV also makes a wide range of TV mounts that are used for both residential and commercial installations.

MetraAV started the brand rollout in early March with an updated logo and will launch a new website,, in spring 2021.

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