Most Common Appliance Problems and Repairs

What breaks
Ice Maker: This device in the device draws water into evenly shaped ice molds. Once cubes are formed, the molds are heated or rotated to free the ice from the molds and a swivel arm throws them into a container for dispensing when needed.
Evaporator Fan Motor: Moves air over the evaporator coils so the refrigerant can absorb heat.
Thermostat: regulates the temperature in fresh food and freezer compartments.

A professional’s perspective
“Ice machine failures have always been a problem, but now almost all refrigerators are sold with one,” said Dean Landers, president of Landers Appliance, a repair company in the Baltimore area. That means stores are seeing more icemaker repairs – or requests for them. “We used to be able to fix ice makers,” says Landers. “Now everything is shaped, thin and poured, so that the entire unit has to be replaced.”

A bad break
“Compressors are the heart of a refrigeration system,” says Landers. Replacing one means removing the refrigerant according to strict federal guidelines, removing the failed device with a blowtorch, soldering in the new one, and refilling the system. “This repair is extremely costly,” he says.

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