Nayakam Has a Plan to Disrupt the Handyman Services Market in Pakistan

Nayakam is a new technology start-up recently launched in Pakistan. It has developed and launched an online platform to solve all of the above problems by using technology at both ends – both suppliers and users. Nayakam will disrupt the traditional artisan services market.

The traditional market for craft services in Pakistan is often criticized for seven reasons: 1) artisans are not easily accessible; 2) There is a tendency towards exploitation in the market – complaints about the spread of unfair practices are very common. 3) the quality of their services is often unsatisfactory; 4) There is no well-defined concept for the specialization of services. Every craftsman claims to have expertise in several areas. 5) the pace of improvement in service delivery is painfully slow; 6) the market is dominated by unskilled semi-skilled people; and 7) access of qualified professionals is restricted. Thousands of technically qualified people in particular are unemployed and at home. They have skills but no market access.

How does Nayakam work? Nayakam has developed two apps – one for users (i.e. the Nayakam app) and the second for service providers (i.e. the Nayakam partner app). The user app can be downloaded from the following address:, while the app for service providers from Can be downloaded from .com / store / apps / details? id = com.nayakam.providerapp & hl = en

If someone needs the services of a professional (craftsman), they simply log into the Nayakam app and select the service they want. The app searches for skilled workers with the necessary specialist knowledge nearby. An automatically generated notification is sent to the professionals who are available at the closest location. Anyone who accepts the request first will be booked for the job. Prices are fixed. The service provider arrives at the venue at the scheduled time, sets the timer and starts work. When the work is finished, the timer will stop. The app calculates the wages. A receipt is generated automatically. The service user makes the payment, followed by a mutual evaluation by both parties.

Currently, Nayakam offers more than a hundred services divided into 26 categories such as: B. Carpenter, electrician, plumber, painter, AC technician, CCTV camera technician, auto mechanic, etc. As mentioned earlier, each category includes several types of services. For example, the Electrician category has the following types of services: electrical wiring (new and old), troubleshooting problems with fans, exhaust fans, repairing household appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, etc.), installing or repairing CCTV cameras and solar panels .

So far, around 500 specialists have downloaded the partner app and registered, while thousands of specialists from the partner cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi alone have registered as users.

In short, Nayakam will not only revolutionize the craft services market, it will also unlock the trapped talents by giving them access to the market.

Atiq ur Rehman

Raheel Afzal

Guest desk

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