Neighbor raises money to get ‘neighborhood handyman’ a new roof

WACO, TX – James Macwhorter is known as a handyman in the neighborhood. He will fix almost everything for his neighbors and also do their gardening work. Why? Well, because he’s a good neighbor.

Macwhorter loves to talk to people and to love where he lived he had to love his neighbors. So he went out and met them and in the meantime helped with anything they needed around the house.

“Everyone in this neighborhood, the radius of 3 or 4 blocks, I pretty much know them,” Macwhorter said.

Carmen Merritt, his 20-year-old neighbor, had a few things that she needed help with from time to time.

“Once my window broke, everything anyone needs is there,” said Merritt.

It wasn’t until the other day, when her dog didn’t stop barking in the outback, that Merritt went to see what it was and saw her dog barking on Macwhorter’s roof.

“I saw something rush into the roof and then I really noticed and watched the condition of that area and I thought it was wrong,” Merritt said.

So she went to the Nextdoor social media app and asked the Waco community to donate or help in some way to fix Macwhorter’s roof.

Merritt couldn’t believe how bad it was, mostly because he was so handy at fixing other people’s problems at home.

The congregation came in with all kinds of donations. The roof is being repaired and other renovations are being carried out. In addition, money was donated to provide bug-fixing services for a year.

“You just don’t really know how much it’s valued, especially when you reach a certain age. You think you still know how to do anything you want, but you can’t,” Macwhorter said.

Macwhorter believes that by the grace of God he was blessed with such great neighbors. He also believes these favors are returned when one is a good neighborhood.

“I always believe one thing can lead to another, and that’s how it’s done,” said Macwhorter.

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