New Center Channel Speaker for Atlantic Technology’s Flagship 8600 Home Theater System

The ultra-high-performance center channel loudspeaker is suitable for uncompromising surround sound systems for large rooms

Norwood, MA – November 16, 2020 – Atlantic Technology has launched a center channel speaker monster that will drop jaws for home theater enthusiasts. The 8600eC is a huge hit – it measures approximately 38 x 14 x 15 inches and contains a massive D’Appolito / MTM array made up of four 6.5-inch fiberglass woofers with two 5.25-inch fiberglass mid-drivers and an advanced 1 inch aluminum / is made. Magnesium dome tweeter internally insulated in its own airtight lower case.

Like the company’s new flagship 8600eLR towers, the speaker features a Butterworth 4th order asymmetrical time-aligned Linkwitz-Riley crossover with two-wire inputs. The finish options match the towers and are available in high-gloss lacquered Makassar Ebony or luxurious Gloss Piano Black. The AVS Forum celebrated the Best of 2019 CEDIA Expo. The 8600eC ships now with an MSRP of $ 2,300 – tremendous value for such a powerful system.
The flagship of the home theater system 8600e consists of the 8600eLR tower speakers, the 8600eC center channel and the new high-performance subwoofers SBT500 or SBT1000 with two drivers. The towers and center are linguistically coordinated and compatible with other high-performance surrounds, subwoofers and architectural speakers from Atlantic Technology for maximum versatility in creating custom surround or immersive audio systems.
The center channel is important for delivering dialogue, music, special effects and hearing every nuance regardless of the source. The 8600eC has seven drivers, a two-wire crossover, and acoustic optimization controls that are matched to the floorstanding speakers of the 8600eLR, ensuring that sounds move seamlessly through the front channels.
The 8600eC can be placed above, below or behind an acoustically transparent projection screen. It contains the trademarked Atlantic swivel base that tilts the 8600eC vertically optimizing sound into the listener’s sitting position. Built-in compensation controls further optimize the system for every placement and room acoustics and offer maximum flexibility and performance for today’s high-end installations.
“With the design of the 8600e system, Atlantic Technology has set new performance standards with new driver technology in a completely new configuration for an uncompromising surround system with excellent performance in a variety of environments,” said Paul Fredrickson, business development director at Muto Communications, PR – and business development partner of Atlantic Technology. “The 8600e offers an unbeatable combination of smooth, precise sound, refined style and value. Whether you’re playing music or movies, listeners will appreciate the system’s ability to deliver the explosive dynamics of Hollywood blockbusters or the subtle details of HiRes music. “
The 8600eC features internally braced, non-resonant 0.75-inch MDF cabinets with seven new state-of-the-art drivers configured in a D’Appolito / MTM vertical array. Four 6.5 “fiber optic woofers, two 5.25” fiber optic mid-drivers, and an advanced 1 “silk tweeter with a powerful neodymium magnet. The midrange and tweeters are internally isolated in their own airtight sub-housing.
Understanding the dialogue is decisive for the performance of a center channel. Typical D’Appolito systems often arrange the center MTM drivers horizontally opposite the correct vertical arrangement of the L / R speakers. This creates undesirable comb filter effects for inconsistent intelligibility across listening positions. With the 8600 everyone gets a clear, uncompromising sound quality.
As with the 8600eLRs, the crossover is an asymmetrical Butterwitz-Riley 4th order time-aligned design by Butterworth with bi-wire inputs to maximize power transfer and maintain the amplifier’s optimal damping factor for the best bass control. 24-karat gold-plated connectors secure a large speaker cord or accept banana plugs. 24K gold-plated terminal bridges are used if double wiring is not used. A highly sensitive specification of 93 dB with a power of up to 300 watts makes the 8600eC perfect for very powerful systems with large spaces.
The 8600eC can be tailored to any room with the three rear-mounted acoustic optimization controls to minimize the adverse effects of speaker placement and room acoustics.

  • Radio Frequency Energy: Changes the pitch of the tweeter response to correct the acoustics in living or dead rooms.
  • Location Selector: Controls the upper midrange and high frequency output to compensate for being behind a screen or theater curtain, and provides enhanced detail at the listening position.
  • Limit Compensation: Adjusts the lower midrange and minimizes timbre when speakers are placed in custom cabinets or right next to a TV for open and natural sound.

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