New Goodwill Program Provides Handyman Service for Community

(Pictured above: Issac Robinson, an activity and activity specialist for the Goodwill Activity and Education Center, empties a bag of mulch as Handy Helpers David Horsely (right) and Wade Warner.)


South Central Ohio-based Goodwill is testing a new program that employs people with disabilities and provides the community with a trusted source to turn to for related craft services.

Goodwill Handy Helpers can be hired by anyone in Chillicothe and Ross Counties to complete small to medium-sized home projects like planting flowers, mulching, raking leaves, and even decorating holidays. Donations are accepted from beneficiaries for the program.

The program employs people with disabilities who attend Goodwill’s activity and training center.

“On the surface, Goodwill Handy Helpers is a limited handyman service for the needy, but its goal is to promote feelings of independence and self-worth,” said Marvin Jones, CEO of Goodwill of South Central Ohio. “The program provides people with disabilities with community employment where they can socialize, learn new skills, and demonstrate their skills through face-to-face interactions.”

The idea for Handy Helpers came after Cana Horner, the South Central Ohio mission coordinator, spoke to her aunt, who wished she had someone she could call to hoist a new flag.

“I’ve been thinking about how great it would be if there was a service to help those who might not have someone to do minor homework,” said Horner. “Handy Helpers provides the community with a trusted resource to turn to, especially the elderly and people with disabilities who are most susceptible to fraud.”

The Goodwill Handy Helpers program is piloted with a $ 25,000 grant from the Landrum Endowment Fund through the Pioneer Center / Ross County Board for Developmental Disorders and the Foundation of Appalachian Ohio. If successful, Goodwill of South Central Ohio will seek to expand the program to other parts of its eight-county service area.

Appointments with practical helpers can be made by calling the Chillicothe Goodwill Activities and Training Center at (740) 702-4009.

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