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New Image Handyman service

My name is Mike Sechrist. I’m the CEO of New Image Handyman Services here in Forks.

I’ve been asked to write a little about my business and corporate goals here in the small community of Forks, Washington. I gladly agreed to take part.

New Image Handyman Services was founded in 2010, but never with the support and drive that we as a company have now. Myself and my team all have long histories of legal issues and bruises along the way. We have all decided to turn a new page and give back to our churches what we all once took for granted. It has become a wonderful experience from which we have learned what we are really capable of and who we really are. It’s about giving the community a new image and changing the lives of others whom we help through our work. We generalize your basic home repairs and maintenance, but also offer roofing, framing, tile, flooring, siding, and remodeling services.

If you are interested in our services or have general questions, please call us at 360-842-6889. We always look forward to helping others.

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