Noble Appliance Set to Open Soon in Dexter

Shiny new appliances, furniture, and home furnishings will soon fill Dexter’s former Country Market.

Noble Appliance from White Lake bought the 47,700 square foot space from the Kennedy family last winter and is just days away from opening the store.

In the seven years of its existence, Noble has grown to four stores in Clawson, Clinton Twp, White Lake and Madison Heights. Despite pandemic delays, the company plans to aggressively double its footprint by adding four more stores in 2020. For Grand Rapids, Mt. Pleasant, Hartland and Dexter.

Jason Lee, a Noble partner, explains why the company chose Dexter. “There aren’t a lot of large, open retail space like this that we could use and that are available in the region. The Ann Arbor churches, like Dexter, are super good. I go downtown here for lunch and everyone is super friendly. When deciding where to buy property, we pay close attention to the community, its nature and whether we can work with them. “

“The last three months of our work here have confirmed that we made an excellent choice for Dexter,” added Jason. “The community that contacted us was good. Michelle was as responsive as Washtenaw County. Chief Smith of the Dexter Fire Department called me and invited me to come to his office for any help he could give. This is a great area. “

The 47,700 square foot space in Dexter Crossings that was once the country market

Noble Appliance is the convergence of two companies. Also partner Jeremiah Miller and his father started an appliance repair service in White Lake, Noble Appliance Repair. One twist on the repair service is that the Millers founded it to breathe new life into what they saw as the dying art of equipment repair.

“The main purpose of equipment repair wasn’t to be an equipment repair shop,” says Jeremiah. “The purpose of our repair business was to fund the development of software to streamline the repair business. Practical experience would also help us to develop the program with real scenarios. “

In 2013, Jeremiah received a service call from Ben Lee, Jason’s brother, to fix 20 devices. Jeremiah was used to receiving calls for one machine at a time and was surprised to arrive at a warehouse full of household appliances. Ben Lee, a Brighton-based doctor, also owned an equipment business. Conversations followed. A partnership formed.

The large, open shops offer what you would expect from appliances – refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, washers, dryers, etc. But there’s more. The company also sells furniture, home furnishings, and other rotating items, in his opinion, which makes the store a great place to browse.

“Something different every time you come in,” says Jeremiah. “We buy things in lots and once they’re gone they are replaced with whatever is in the next lot.”

“I think a visit goes through a treasure chest to see what catches your eye,” adds Jason.

Practical partners in the company: Jason Lee (L) and Jeremiah Miller

The posh purchase of the store soothed swirling and entertaining rumors about what would become of the room. A Trader Joe’s was featured on social media as well as a dollar store (which actually signed a lease for a large space in the adjoining square). A local developer reportedly wanted to convert it into office space. At one point there was talk of the Dexter Senior Center and Faith in Action sharing the room. Yet another theory explained black mold in the ceiling and the old grocery store had to be destroyed.

The 47,700 square foot space is larger than the typical Noble store of around 35,000 square feet. Jeremiah and Jason agree this will mean an even wider range of goods than other locations.

Jason expects the Dexter location to open in mid-October. The duo are thrilled to be in Dexter.

“We’re building in a few other cities right now and we’re finding that there are significant differences in the churches,” says Jeremiah. “Dexter is different from other places because of its collaborative spirit. That’s nice.”

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