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House Medic, based in North Olmsted, focuses on home improvement and tradesman services from leaking faucets to bathroom remodeling, kitchen fixer tops and wall painting.

“We can clean your gutters, we can do decks, porches, wallpaper and bathrooms,” said co-owner Robyn Hakey. “We can basically do anything that takes two hours or less to two days.”

After opening a few weeks ago, the company has been doing renovations almost every day. As the first and only House Medic franchise in the area, Hakey says it hopes to provide a unique service to the northeast Ohio community.

“We’re the first family medicine practitioners in northeast Ohio and I’m excited about it,” she said. “I can’t wait to show people what we can do.”

HM_Robyn & John Hakey.jpg

Robyn and John Hakey own the House Medic in North Olmsted.

Hakey said that she and her husband John have backgrounds in various fields, which makes them great partners in life and business.

“My husband is an electrical engineer with over 10 years experience and I work mostly in management and business,” she said.

For John, supporting his wife’s dreams is part of his passion for the business. Robin owns a few franchises, but this particular project is very important to her.

“She was so excited to put this together and really excited to have another franchise and develop a relationship with the community,” said John. “One reason I became a co-owner is because I wanted to support their goals.”

The couple hope to become the local home improvement point.

“I hope House Medic becomes a household name to people,” said Robyn. “We try to show our customers that we are passionate about helping people and their homes.”

She said part of what sets House Medic apart from others is the background checks and certifications of their technicians.

“My employees are all screened in the background and we make sure they all have at least 10 years of experience,” said Robyn. “You don’t want strangers who you can’t trust to come into your home.”

John said his electronics background and attention to detail help in business.

“I am a perfectionist. I like it when things are really perfect, when I’m working on things, ”he said. “It helps in business because I want to make sure the technicians are precise and accurate, and that everything is clean and looks nice when they’re done.”

Part of what John likes most about the job is the connections the couple and their technicians can make with customers.

“Robyn and I love people,” he said. “We love talking to them and getting to know our neighbors and our community.”

John said he and his team are committed to ensuring that the work is done respectfully and properly during the renovation process.

“You always want to respect someone when you enter their house,” he said. “That’s why we wear ankle boots and remove tarpaulins in order to respect people, their things and their homes.”

House Medic plans for the coming weeks and spring. More information is available at

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