Ontarians need to research before booking appliance repairs, experts warn

When it comes to equipment, some people feel like they just aren’t making them the way they used to, and if they break they can be expensive to fix.

If a washing machine or refrigerator needs repairing, you may be in a hurry to get a service technician to fix the problem. However, you may want to do some research first.

“When I did an internet search, the A-Team came first,” said Robert Dworak from Brampton.

Dworak and his wife, Sharon Morrison, said The A Team Appliance Repair company said they could come right away to diagnose the problem with their washing machine for $ 80.

Dworak first said he was told it could be fixed for $ 600. Then another $ 400 repair was required. In the end, Dworak said the repairs were $ 1,400 and the washing machine still didn’t work.

“I said to him, can you fix this? And he told me he couldn’t, “Dworak said. After complaining to the company, he was refunded $ 800.

Sandy Stotnicki from Toronto said she also called The A Team Appliance Repair when her refrigerator broke.

“They said within 15 minutes I needed a new compressor that cost $ 2,600. That’s a lot of money if you can buy a new freezer (refrigerator) for it, “said Stotnicki.

After initially agreeing to repairs, she canceled within hours and another company was able to fix her refrigerator for $ 300.

She says she was still being billed nearly $ 800 for the visit and restocking fees for the part she never received.

“I’m pissed off. I’m crazy about the way I feel,” she said.

Markham’s Isaac Chen leaked his refrigerator and the ice machine stopped working. He called The A Team Appliance Repair and said he had been billed $ 1,100 for repairs.

Chen said his refrigerator was still leaking and his ice machine was not working. When he complained, he was refunded $ 100.

“My refrigerator and ice maker are still not working properly,” said Chen. “I’m really angry because I wasted so much time on it.”

The Better Business Bureau in central Ontario has a warning for the company, also known as Appliance Repair Team Inc., saying on its website that the complaints show a pattern of devices failing to be properly diagnosed and repaired effective and the cost of parts is grossly inflated. “

“We have 156 customer reviews for this company and 154 of them are negative. They have an F rating, ”said Monica Braz of the Better Business Bureau.

“It is the consumer’s responsibility to do their research before making a purchase from anyone, especially if they wish to have a service performed at your home.”

CTV News Toronto reached out to The A Team Appliance Repair and the company said, “It is unfortunate that these files were not successfully completed in their repairs, but they were either mutually closed with customers or multiple attempts were made resolve the customer files. “

When asked about customer complaints, the company added that it is happy to address concerns.

“In the case of Sharon Morrison, the customer was given a refund that was verbally approved and agreed by the customer. We tried several times to resolve the issues, but the order itself was not consensual for the company or the customer for a long period of time, so both parties agreed to agree on the refund, ”the company said.

“In the case of Sandra Sotnicki, we could definitely have solved the problem, but the customer decided not to continue with the part. Payment was made using two payment methods so we were able to issue a refund but it was broken down into these different methods. Unfortunately, the customer informed us that the MasterCard they were using was later canceled, so our accounting department checked how it could be refunded based on our policy of requiring the refund to be made on the card from which the purchase was originally made . We reached out to the customer to change this without receiving any response yet. “

“In Isaac Chen’s case, countless attempts have been made to solve his problem and several offers have been made to resolve the file, including a goodwill refund and ordering additional parts for free. The customer was not very happy with the two weeks this had already taken and refused all parts while all communication with our company was cut off. We continue to liaise with these customers to make sure our customers are not unhappy with the services provided. “

If you need to get a device repaired, contact the Better Business Bureau and read reviews on several websites to see what other customers have to say.

If a device fails, you can check the brand’s website to see if there are recommended repair companies in your area.

Even if the cost of a repair is more than half the cost of a new device, you may want to check if it is worth replacing instead.

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