Palisadian Teens Create All-Purpose Handyman Service for Local Residents

Hunter Hammarberg and Sam Pass
Courtesy photo of Hunter Hammarberg


Hunter Hammarberg and Sam Pass, two 17-year-old seniors from the Palisadians and Palisades Charter High School, recently started a business that not only gives them an opportunity to gain entrepreneurial experience but also benefits the Palisades community.

Hammarberg and Pass founded their company Hunter and Sam’s Odd Jobs in January 2020 at the age of 16 and it has only grown since then. Hammarberg and Pass services include, but are not limited to, moving, shopping, furniture assembly and basic technological support for palisadiers.

“Hunter and I have always been very hard workers with a strong passion and drive for business,” said Pass. “We decided to create Hunter and Sam’s Odd jobs because we both needed jobs and wanted to be of use to our community.”

The couple first started their business by posting an ad on Nextdoor.

“The response was incredible,” said Hammarberg. Since then, the business has “spread simply through word of mouth and positive recommendations.”

Although the job inquiries Hammarberg and Pass receive vary based on clients and their needs, moving was clearly their most popular service.

“The first few weeks of the pandemic were surprisingly our busiest as people moved to move,” Hammerberg said.

“When we started we basically had an infinite number of jobs and worked almost every day,” continued Hammarberg. After their quick start, however, their business experienced “a lull over the summer”. Fortunately, the duo have received more job inquiries over the past few months and their business is back in full swing.

“Hunter and I both work hard and we always wanted to do a business,” said Pass. “One day I got the idea, ‘What if we just do any kind of work for the people in the stockade?'”

With this in mind, Hunter and Sam’s Odd Jobs were born.

Although the company originally started with “two hardworking friends doing all kinds of jobs in their neighborhood,” Pass and Hammarberg discovered some unintended benefits of communicating with their customers.

“We can connect with different people from all over Los Angeles, hear stories about how they got to where they are, and learn about their business tactics and skills,” said Pass. “I think that’s the coolest part – networking and building relationships with other business people that we can learn from.”

When they first started their business, Hammarberg and Pass did not have to buy or spend money on equipment. together, the duo already owned all of the equipment needed to get jobs done.

“This is not a company in the typical sense in which we could sell it or its assets,” said Hammarberg. “The only assets are our trucks, our tools, and us.”

Hammarberg and Pass, due to graduate from Pali High in June 2021, have already begun planning how they will use their business profits. Pass over joint plans to “pay for college and invest the money [he’s] Made. ”Pass also shared the hope of having a future as an entrepreneur and using the tactics and skills he“ learned from customers to move forward with future business activities ”.

Similarly, Hammerberg has already achieved what he wanted from the company “to gain valuable experience and save money for the future”.

Although their business and some of the jobs have become more complex over time, Hunter and Sam’s Odd Jobs has kept its original foundation.

“Two 16-year-old boys were able to start a stable income business and connect with all of these people – that’s what it’s about,” said Pass.

The two students plan to continue Hunter and Sam’s Odd jobs as long as possible. Pass said that he has a firm belief in his work and the experiences it brings that were critical to his growth as a person. Hammerberg also values ​​his time “helping the community and the satisfaction that comes with a job well done”.

For business inquiries, call 310-384-0108 or email [email protected]

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