Pandemic peaks interest in virtual handyman service

BALTIMORE – A new service brings a craftsman to your home, but doesn’t have to be personal.

Homeowners looking to tackle DIY (do-it-yourself) projects no longer have to rely on YouTube videos. virtually connects consumers with professionals who can guide them through tasks like hanging pictures, televisions, and repairing drywall, doors, electrics, repairs to toilets and faucets.

Mike Evans, CEO of, said the service started in person, but with the pandemic, plans have changed.

“Since we already had a training center and want to train our handy people, moving from that to consumer education through video consultation was not a big shift,” said Evans.

And for the most part, homeowners don’t need any special tools.

“It turns out that with a coach and a screwdriver you can fix about 80 percent of the things in your house yourself,” Evans said.

John Poweziak, senior trainer at, showed WMAR-2 News Mallory Sofastaii how to install a light fixture.

Poweziak helped her come up with alternative solutions when the screws didn’t fit properly and the electrical wires had to be stripped without the right tools.

“Long nose pliers. There’s a little cutting mechanism in the inner part, ”Poweziak said.

After many maneuvers and turns, the light was installed and ready for use 50 minutes later.

More complex projects may require a real professional in your home. For the most part, can save consumers the fees that technicians charge for simply stepping in and give homeowners the confidence that they can do repairs themselves.

“It’s cheaper than bringing someone home. It’s more efficient than going on YouTube so I think people will use this for a long time, ”said Evans.

Depending on where you live, consumers can request a personal visit to a fixer expert. A video consultation can be carried out from anywhere.

The first 5 minutes are free and then $ 15 every 15 minutes thereafter. Evans said most calls take no more than 15 minutes.

Consumers can schedule online by clicking here or texting (312) 216-5999 to get started.

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