Peterborough handyman hangs up his own shingle | Economy

PETERBOROUGH – A local craftsman has become his own boss.

“My father and I worked a lot together when we were young and it has always been a dream of mine to own my own business,” said Nicholas Cronin.

So he quit his job with a building contractor and started Family Home Handyman at the beginning of the new year. The business, based from his Peterborough home, covers the surrounding communities within a 45-minute drive, Cronin said, and generally stretches from Milford to Keene.

Realizing that many of the larger contractors are missing out on small home projects, Cronin said he wanted to step in and meet that need. He offers a range of services, from repairs to replacing windows and doors to building complete conversions.

“Really, it’s nothing too small,” he said, adding that remodeling of the Hancock house was also underway.

As of now, he’ll be doing the job with his father, Scott Cronin, but if business picked up he said he could hire people and open an office in the future. The hard part is getting a new company name in front of the people, Cronin said, but he’s optimistic.

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