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Israeli espionage dramas arouse interest in joining the secret Mossad agency

It is often viewed as the most mysterious and ruthless of all spy networks, briefly emerging from the shadows to confront Israel’s enemies before disappearing again. But a wave of suspenseful spy thrillers on streaming websites, as well as the high profile murder of an Iranian scientist last month, have firmly put the Mossad in the limelight. Former elite intelligence spies say they are always on the lookout for recruits as they adjust to new threats in the region, and that television programs like “Tehran” from Apple TV and “The Spy” from Netflix are fueling applications. “When people watch the James Bond films or Tehran, they want to be a part of it,” former Mossad agent Avner Avraham, who says it was 007 who first drew him on the service, told the Daily Telegraph . “You can travel, the government pays you, it’s fun, it’s dangerous sometimes, and you take great pride in serving your country … and that’s why people want to go along,” said Avraham, who served as a Mossad for 28 years Officer has worked. “Tehran” in particular shows some parallels to events that are taking place in the real world today, as a young, undercover Mossad agent can be seen performing operations in the Iranian capital. On November 27, the Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was shot dead near Tehran in an ambush that appeared to have been torn straight from the script of the Israeli spy series first broadcast on the public Kan network.

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