Quality Appliance Service Reports on Success of Its Efforts to Protect Technicians and Clients

Quality Appliance Service recently reported on the success of its efforts to protect the company’s technicians and customers during repairs in residential and commercial real estate. The company has actively participated in ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of all concerned by using personal protective equipment when necessary. “We have been active in our local communities for several years, taking care of the people we serve,” said a company spokesman. “We are part of this community. The families we serve are our neighbors, friends, and even families. We treat every customer call with care and caution so we can be sure that everyone stays as healthy as possible. “

The company’s main function (repair of household and commercial appliances) puts it at the forefront in terms of contact with multiple external parties. “Safety is therefore paramount. Quality Appliance Service is a leader in the local market and as a leader we take our role seriously when it comes to setting the standard for the local industry. “

“At this point we have tried to keep a very tight ship in terms of health and well-being and we plan to continue doing what we have done to maintain our level of successful and safe operations.



Information about the Quality Appliance Service

Information on the Quality Appliance Service:
Quality Appliance Service provides same-day service to all Northern Utah counties. We only use original parts ex works for all repairs and we give a 1-year guarantee on parts and labor on our work. Quality Appliance Service is family owned and has been with the company for more than 33 years. We offer a great deal of expertise to help put Utah homeowners at ease.

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