Rayva Home Theater Helps Win Over Client, Elevates Brilliant AV Installation

When Brilliant AV, of Costa Mesa, California, hosted home theater company Rayva in its facilities, Brilliant AV had just been turned down by a customer after making an offer.

After Rayva’s presentation, Steve Stary, Vice President of Sales at Brilliant AV, was convinced that Rayva’s turnkey home theater packages were exactly what his Newport Beach customer wanted in a home theater.

“The contractor wanted to use his man, and due to the lack of differentiation between us and him in the client’s mind, we lost the job,” comments Stary.

“The customer said, ‘I like you Steve, but every technician I speak to tells me different things so I just have to trust my contractor on this one.'”

Stary showed the homeowner the materials Rayva had left with him. AAfter familiarizing himself with the Rayva materials, the homeowner called tThe other A / V company asked specific questions about speaker placement and other design elements that the other A / V company couldn’t specifically answer.

According to Stary, Rayva ultimately enabled his company to win the customer over by providing detailed information that answered the homeowner’s questions so they could make an informed decision.

“If the customer wanted to spend money, they wanted to be sure that they would get results,” notes Stary.

“Neither the A / V guy nor I could give him the confidence he needed without making a design deposit and spending the time preparing a design. It was about much more than just “trust me”. Rayva helped us give him that trust. “

Rayva & Brilliant AV Add Sonos, Sonance and Control4 products

According to Rayva, part of its business model is to help traders communicate with homeowners in order to bridge the knowledge gap that sometimes exists between traders and consumers.

“The lighting design is what really sets this room apart. The fastenings between the beams in the vaulted ceilings are not decorated. ”

– Steve Stary, Brilliant AV

Stary admits that before working with Rayva, she would recommend prospects to visit the home theaters on the Houzz website. Working with Rayva, Stary said the customer meeting had become a conversation about expanding the theater to other rooms in the house.

For this particular client, the 50 foot by 30 foot house is designed as a great great room and kitchen with the theater adjacent to the great room.

To meet customer expectations after winning the bid, Brilliant AV used DSP-based Sonance speakers that were flush-mounted in the ceiling and Sonance sonarray speakers that were on the patio, sunken grill, pool, and the Courtyard were distributed.

Stary focused on distributing the sound evenly with an emphasis on the number of speakers used and the location of the speakers.

“In the end, the customer had to buy more speakers, but they can actually use them without having to crank them up or arguing with their neighbors,” comments Stary.

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Brilliant AV integrated Sonos as the basis for the in-house audio functions of the installation. The company installed a Control4 control and automation system to control everything.

The Control4 system is connected to a Lutron lighting system that includes HomeWorks and Lutron EcoSystem lights. It provides a control method for LEDs that address individual lights and enables system feedback from the LED drivers.

“The lighting design is what really sets this room apart. The fastenings between the beams in the vaulted ceilings are not decorated, ”explains Stary.

“Since they can be addressed with the EcoSystem, they can be reduced to one percent. There are also addressable recessed lights for works of art, tabletops and spots. It is nice.”

Home theater with Sony 4K projector, SI 16: 9 screen

“It’s amazing how fantastic the theater sounds. It sounds a lot better than I’ve ever thought and better than I’ve ever heard the KEF speakers. ”

– Steve Stary, Brilliant AV

In the house theatreThe customer wanted a modern look and opted for the “non-traditional” Rayva theater “Scenes”. Brilliant AV also installed an object-based 9.4.2 home theater with electronics from Integra and KEF speakers.

“It’s amazing how fantastic the theater sounds. It sounds a lot better than I ever thought and better than I’ve ever heard the KEF speakers sound like, ”Stary says.

“I’ve used these speakers a lot and I knew they would sound good, but they were tighter, clearer, and more detailed in this setting.”

Brilliant took care of the video side of the home theater and opted for a 4K Sony projector and acoustically transparent 16: 9 screen from Screen Innovations (SI).

Keeping an eye on the evolving home video market, Stary acknowledges that the video portion of the installation was designed for future technologies looming on the horizon.

“We know that the homeowner will probably want to upgrade to an 8K projector in five years, so we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the video system,” explains Stary.

“But the video quality is spectacular, we have 4K, and the brightness and screen size are perfect for the room.”

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