Repairing a hole in drywall

I’m stopping by Margaret Gainey’s viewer because she has a common problem.

“Plumbers had to snake the pipe and destroy it and remove the drywall,” she said to me when we were standing in one of her bathrooms. We both stared at a foot by a foot hole in the wall just above her sink.

The plumbers told her their job was finished and she could take it over from there. Essentially, they were telling her to hire a professional to fix the drywall.

If you don’t know how to cover it yourself, our craftsman Paul Schramm and I will show you.

“Drywall repair clips, this is a new product, I love them,” says Paul, and clips them directly onto the drywall. They give you a place to put a new piece on.

When cutting a new piece, you will only need an approximate measurements as we will use grout to fill in any gaps.

Use the edge of the tape measure to score the drywall to get lines for the horizontal and vertical measurement.

Then carefully cut the lines with a utility knife and the drywall will break apart and you can secure the new piece in the gap by screwing it directly into the clips already attached.

The rest of this work consists of you taking a drywall knife and applying the grout. We used three different layers and thinned out the mud each time. This will ensure a smoother surface and less sanding is required before painting.

Items you will need: Drywall repair clips and screws, tape measure, utility knife, drywall / putty knife, quick-setting grout

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