Rise Of On-Demand Handyman Business Model And Its Impact

Uber like Handyman app

It’s 2021 that everyone will move virtually, so the service provided will also move online. Technology has been greatly improved to make it easier for people to get the services they need.

The need for craft services has greatly improved, and many of them are looking for a service that can be done quickly.

Here at Trioangle Technologies we created a craftsman app for business people by providing all the services. The extremely artisanal business can be started within a few days.

Various applications for craft services are used to start a business.

Craftsman app for electricians

An electrician app is required for the users as it was very difficult to have electricians for service right away using the traditional method. The business idea solution is a craftsman app for electricians that allows the user to quickly book the electricians.

A businessman can start an electrician app by providing a skilled electrician to users to solve the problem.


The Uber For Electricians app is easy to sign up for. The profile information can be updated.

The list of the electrician’s problems is listed and the user can select the service. The supplier of the electrician can assign the work after the user requests the service.

Live tracking is shown to the user and service provider to properly locate the service location and can track the location of the service provider.

Craftsman app for medical advice

The lock drives the idea of ​​developing an app for medical advice. The requests for medical consultations used to be there, but most of them visit the doctor personally to discuss health problems.

Many of them had health problems during the lockdown. Direct visits to the hospitals are not possible during the closure.

Uber For Doctor Consultation paves the way to guide your patients mobile anytime, anywhere. Doctors will work immediately for patients in an emergency.

Therefore, users need an app for medical advice. Business professionals can launch an Uber for Doctors application and provide benefits to users.

The new way to improve the health system.

Craftsman app for laundries

Laundry is important for many professionals, students, and the elderly as they cannot wash their clothes on time. Lots of laundry providers are there, but one of the main drawbacks is the delivery time and the quality of the laundry.

The on-demand app for laundries solves the solution and offers users the opportunity to receive the clothes on time with the quality of the laundry. The user can select the respective laundry provider in the craftsman app with the ratings and ratings of the users provided.

Craftsman app for house cleaners

House cleaning will be more important in the years to come as this lockdown from COVID-19 allows us to improve our cleanliness. Homeowners are ready to clean and understand the value of home renovation.

The homeowners will be in different places and will not be able to provide the services. This paves the way for the craftsman app for house cleaning.

The professional cleaners provide the service to the users. Users can get the service right away or schedule cleaning service.

Business people can start a home cleaning app by providing the services to users. Security regulations should be properly followed in order to provide services to users.

These are the various services that can be included in the On Demand Craftsman App business model. Many companies like this one can be brought in to start a business with the Trioangle’s best handyman service script.

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