Scott’s Handyman Services Launches New Website Showcasing Reliable & Professional Repair & Maintenance Services In Levin

Are you looking for the best craftsman in Levin? Do you need help with aluminum window repairs and property maintenance? Visit Scott’s Handyman Services’ relaunched website:

Scott Gill is the handyman in Levin. The owner of Scott’s Handyman Services is highly qualified to handle any unfinished jobs on each home. Do you need help with glazing, house washing, door installation, gutter cleaning or deck repairs? Scott is also trusted by property managers and landlords for his talented pair of hands and honest service with great results.

The site focuses on three main areas: maintenance and glazing of aluminum; Property maintenance; and external maintenance.

Aluminum maintenance & glazing

Are you having problems with aluminum joinery at home? Call Scott at Scott’s Handyman Services to service or repair existing aluminum window and door frames. Have the broken window repaired or retrofitted with double glazing. Scott has also helped modernize homes and rentals by installing glass back walls, glass balustrades and glass shower stalls.

Property maintenance

Scott’s Handyman Services is the property maintenance company in Levin. Scott provides full maintenance services and is trusted by homeowners, home landlords and property managers for all home and rental property maintenance. From interior painting to kitchen remodeling, fence repairs, TV wall mount installation, paneling repairs and replacements to cat door installation, Scott can do it all.

Outdoor maintenance

Maintaining outdoor facilities can be a daunting task. However, with the help of Scott’s Handyman Services, everything can be done to keep the exterior property pristine. Scott can be contacted to clean gutters, repair roofs, paint outside, blow up water, install and repair gates, and even build a new garden shed and cut the trees. Call Scott for a free, no-obligation quote after the work required is assessed.

Scott’s Handyman Services operates across Horowhenua

For more information on Scott’s Handyman Services, please visit

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