Service is their business at Moore Appliance

When Steve Moore started Moore Appliance Service in 1986 as the only technician who worked from a basement, he wanted to stand behind his motto: “Serving customers at a profit when I can, at a loss when I have to, but I will always be for it provide first-class, professional service. “

Thirty-four years later, that commitment to service is clear. With six technicians, Moore Appliance Service in Southern Pines offers same or next day service. You are factory authorized to work on all major brands such as Sub-Zero, Thermador and Viking.

Moore Appliance Service is a family business and employees are more like family members. The company’s service manager has been with them for 18 years, which says a lot about a positive work environment.

Service requests have increased lately as staff have chosen to repair rather than replace. Therefore, the Moore Appliance Service accepts applications until June 30th and offers training on the job.

It’s good to know that Moore Appliance Service is ready to do its best for the community. “If it’s not right, we’ll do it right,” says Jeanette Moore. Moore Appliance Service stands behind your repairs and offers a one year parts and labor warranty.

They also stand behind the community by supporting many local charities. Steve says, “The key to success is giving back.”

This can also be seen when you drive by and catch a glimpse of Bosch, not of the device that is also being serviced, but of the calm yellow cat that took over Moore Appliance Service in 2011 and became its mascot. She can be seen sunbathing during the day, but most of the time she sleeps in “her” office.

The goal of Moore Appliance Service is to provide you with the best possible customer service and reduce stress by providing a fast, affordable repair service that you can rely on.

Visit the website at for information on Moore, valuable vouchers and Jeanette’s recipes, often prepared and shared with their employees by Moore Appliance Service.


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