Suspected drunken handyman faces battery, other charges

MADISON (WKOW) – Two Madison police officers suffered minor injuries Friday morning while attempting to arrest a man they said was combative and drunk.

Charles Z. Knuteson, 29, of Whitewater, faces potential battery charges that result in soft tissue injury through resistance and criminal property damage. It has also been cited for the dumping of human waste products.

According to a Madison Police Department incident report, officers were initially called to the Stage House Trail because of a malfunction.

A homeowner told police she had a maintenance contract with Knuteson but decided against it when she said he had arrived and appeared to have been drinking.

The homeowner called 911 after saying Knuteson was following two people who had come with him to help work on the Stage House Trail.

Knuteson next fought officers and caused their injuries.

On the way to jail, Knuteson yelled and verbally abused the arresting officer and threatened to injure him

He also said he wanted the officer to have “something to clean up”.

The officer said Knuteson pulled down his pants and sat down with the squad and urinated.

The officer then said that Knuteson had “violently” kicked the squad’s door and caused damage.

Next, he picked up feces and distributed them on a rear view camera, door, and the squad’s window bars.

After dropping Knuteson down in prison, the officer had to put on a mask to protect himself from COVID-19 in order to get the squad to clean.

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