Taping Drywall for Fire Safety

A quick job: Only one layer of tape embedding layer is required when taping garages and other non-living areas with fire.

Garages, Utility rooms and oven rooms are often hung up as well fireproof drywall. In these non-living areas, instead of applying three coats of tape, you have to apply one coat of tape and compound to achieve the desired fire rating. This single layer is commonly referred to as fire protection. Apply tape and a layer of compound to all seams and inside corners in the normal way. You don’t have to mask off the mounting heads. Require outside corners Metal corner beadthat can be attached after gluing, but no need to mask the bead. Any gaps that are wider than 1/16 of an inch around pipes, overhead door brackets, and other protrusions should also be masked off.

There is a self-adhesive fire protection tape that does not require a layer Articulated connection to maintain its fire class. It’s an excellent choice for masking gable ends and attics.

Use the correct tape Use the correct tape: Fire Tape is a self-adhesive drywall tape that does not require a grout for fire protection.

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