The 8 Best Drywall Anchors in 2021

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If you can’t access a wall stud with your stud finder, you can still use drywall anchors to securely and effectively secure items to your walls. Also, because they come in a variety of sizes and types, you can secure a wide variety of items, from lighter items like smoke alarms to heavier works of art that can weigh over 100 pounds. We know they can be intimidating for beginners, but once you understand how drywall anchors work, they’re relatively easy to install. Usually only a drill and screwdriver are required to insert them.

What is to be considered

There are several factors to consider when choosing a drywall anchor. The most important one is the weight of the item you want to attach to your wall. Fortunately, the weight limit is usually clearly stated on the anchor’s packaging. To be on the safe side, we usually subtract about 1/4 of the recommended weight to account for wall differences and any inconvenience or imbalance in the item being assembled.

The type of anchor will help you choose the most appropriate one for your specific application. Simple expansion bolts usually have the lowest weight limits and require you to drill a pilot hole first before inserting them into drywall. Self-drilling anchors offer a bit more strength and can be drilled directly into the wall (although we usually give them a couple of hammers with a hammer to start them off). Tilting anchors give you most of the support and use a rod to push against the back of the drywall, giving the entire anchor a really sturdy support system.

How we chose

I have used drywall anchors throughout my career and have used this experience to compile this list of options that I believe will be most useful for the average homeowner. Since users have different weights, I made sure to give a good range of options. Whether you are hanging a 1 pound picture frame or a 100 pound mirror, you should find an option that works best for you. I also wanted to include a couple of kits that have a range of anchor sizes in one set for those who want to be prepared for anything.

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Best for maximum strength



$ 18.99

Important specifications
Weight restriction: 265 pounds
lot: 20 parts
Type: Snap switch

With a weight limit of 265 pounds, these snaptoggle anchors are the strongest option on our list and essential for hanging or mounting heavy items. This set contains 20 gags, which makes about $ 1 each. While this is a bit more expensive than others, we’ve found that the security they offer is well worth the extra cost. These might look a little intimidating, but the majority of the plastic will break off once the metal channel is in the wall and will end up being about the same size as any other tilting anchor.

  • Extra strong design
  • Easy to use
  • Requires a large 1/2-inch pilot hole


Best full range kit

Toggler 44 combination anchor kit


$ 21.99

Important specifications
Weight restriction: 65 to 126 pounds
lot: 44 pieces
Type: Snap toggle, self-drilling, plastic toggle, expandable

This kit includes five different types of anchors, so you’ll be ready for almost any size of drywall project. You also get a handy storage bag to keep each type separate so you can easily find the part you’re looking for instead of rummaging through a cluttered drawer or toolbox. We have always had great success with Toggler branded products and that is the main reason we thought this kit is the best overall kit you can buy. It’s also great value for money with a total of 44 anchors and the right screw sizes for everyone.

  • Robust storage case
  • Quality construction
  • Does not include drill bits


Best for items under 75 pounds

ITW trademarks 25310

ITW brands

$ 12.20

Important specifications
Weight restriction: 75 pounds
lot: 50 pieces
Type: Self-drilling

These mid-range anchors are great for medium-weight items like curtain rods, shelves, or framed artwork up to 75 pounds. The necessary 1 1/4-inch screws are included in the kit, and their light color helps them blend in with white or off-white walls. We found these wall plugs to be very easy to install, and while they can be screwed directly into the wall, we usually give them a few blows with a hammer first to get them started. As with all self-drilling plastic plugs, make sure that the head is not stripped off when screwing in.

  • Low price for the number of pieces


Best for items under 50 pounds

Qualihome 100

Important specifications
• Weight restriction
: 50 pounds
lot: 50 pieces
Type: Self-drilling

These zinc dowels are stronger than nylon or plastic models and are less likely to pull off your screwdriver during installation. Plus, they’re long enough – and have a deep thread design – to be used in drywall that is thicker than the typical 1/2-inch walls. We therefore recommend them if you are unsure of what type of drywall you are able to handle. The storage case is another nice perk, especially since this kit contains 50 wall plugs and 50 screws. Their 50 pound weight limit makes them suitable for a wide variety of items.

  • Strong zinc construction
  • Can be used for various drywall thicknesses


Best light duty assortment kit

TKExcellent kit


$ 6.99

Important specifications
Weight restriction: 20 to 30 pounds
lot: 66 pieces
Type: Extension

Unless you plan on hanging or assembling anything heavier than 20-30 pounds, this kit would be a great addition to your home toolbox. Thanks to their small size and profile, we have often used them for smaller items such as smoke detectors, decorative wall mountings or light art frames. The compartmentalized storage case also makes it easy to separate all parts, especially the screws, so you can always be sure that you are the right size. The low price of this kit also makes it a great choice for those who don’t have the budget or need for more sturdy anchors.

  • Affordable price
  • Three different anchor sizes
  • Not suitable for heavy objects


Best reusable option



Important specifications
Weight limit: 143 pounds
lot: 20
Type: Toggle

What sets this model apart from most other anchors is that it uses a small wrench to expand the toggle behind the wall, which not only simplifies the installation of this anchor, but also means that you don’t rely on the screw for this need job. This allows you to repeatedly insert and remove the screw without affecting the anchor itself. It’s also rated for use in 3/8-inch walls, although the weight limit is much less than the 143 pounds advertised for 1/2-inch drywall. At less than $ 10 for 20, this bundle is one of the most affordable toggle options on our list.

  • Payable
  • Reusable
  • Comprehensive guide


Best for ceiling baskets

Colibrox 6


$ 4.86

Important specifications
Weight restriction: 20 pounds
lot: 6
Type: Toggle

These toggle anchors have a built-in hook, which makes them particularly useful for hanging items such as wind chimes, baskets or lighting fixtures from a hollow ceiling. Their straightforward design also makes them easy to install – you just drill a pilot hole, insert the toggle, and you’re done. They’re also easy to remove when you’re done with them, or if you need to mend the pilot hole, just unscrew the hook and the toggle stays invisible in the ceiling. You only get 6 pieces with this set, although that’s still pretty good value at $ 5.

  • Easy to use
  • perfect for hanging baskets or lights
  • Not as versatile as other types of anchors


Best for light picture frames

Qualihome # 10


$ 7.99

Important specifications
Weight restriction: 10 pounds
lot: 100
Type: Extension

If you’re just assembling extremely light items, these blue stretch anchors could be a good fit. You will need a 1/4 in. Drill bit to make the required pilot hole, but once these anchors are in place their flat heads should provide a nice, flush appearance on the wall or ceiling. Also, their ribbed design allows them to dig into the sides of the hole when screwing and prevent them from rotating during installation. While we would have liked a more sturdy storage box, the plastic container these come in is certainly better than nothing.

  • Very low price
  • Large numbers
  • Does not come with screws
  • Low weight limit

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