The Benefits of Handyman Insurance

Craftsmen and women offer general maintenance and repair services to their customers. Typically these customers are homeowners who do not have the time or ability to take care of repairs themselves.

An estimated 91,000 artisan specialists work in the United States, and most of them are independent contractors who work alone. There are also craft and franchise opportunities, and these establishments employ multiple maintenance and repair personnel. Regardless of whether you, as a sole trader, provide all the services yourself or employ others to look after a larger customer base, you benefit from craftsmen’s liability insurance.

The business liability insurance for craftsmen offers individual entrepreneurs and small business owners various advantages. These benefits are designed to protect you professionally and protect your business in case something goes wrong.

As a handyman, there are numerous potential risks that you may encounter on a daily basis. These risks are higher for your job because of the nature of your job. They travel to multiple customer locations, access the interior and exterior of customer apartments, and provide maintenance and repair services of many different types. There are many moving parts, and this increases the likelihood of something going wrong.

Handyman’s insurance will help you mitigate the legal and financial implications of these risks.

For example, let’s say a customer calls you to clean their gutters. You bring your devices to the customer’s location and provide the desired services. While you are working, the customer knocks over your ladder and is hit in the head. The injury makes them need immediate emergency hospital care. This customer expects you to pay for transportation to the hospital, the emergency room visit, and all associated medical treatment costs. Handyman’s insurance gives you benefits by covering the costs associated with these types of personal injuries.

Likewise, a customer can call you to fix a hole in their living room wall. While making these repairs, you accidentally damage electrical wires in the wall you are working on. Such property damage is another benefit of craftsmen’s liability insurance for you. The policy pays for repairs or replacements. If applicable, your legal fees, settlements or judgments will also be paid if you are sued for damages.

As a handyman, you can routinely sell products to your customers as part of your services. You might recommend a certain type of paint, top coat, or weed killer. If there’s a problem with products you’ve recommended to your customers, they’ll likely blame you. Perhaps a product is being recalled due to defects or the customer is simply allergic to the products you are using. Household contents liability insurance includes protection for services and products provided. Whether there is a problem with the services you provided after they were completed or a problem with the products you used, recommended or sold, the appropriate compensations will be paid under this part of your policy.

Another advantage of craftsmen’s liability insurance is personal and advertising damages. Personal injury is when a person or company accuses you of making them look bad. Perhaps they feel like you defamed them in your advertising and are suing you for damages. Advertising infringement claims can also include allegations of trademark or copyright infringement. You are allowed to use an image in social media marketing that the photographer claims you have no right to use. If you are not to blame for these claims, your craftsmen’s insurance will cover the costs of legal defense.

As your business grows, you can rent or lease a workspace to house your tools and equipment. By renting business premises there is a risk of loss for the owner if you or one or your employees cause damage to the property. Because of this risk, property managers usually require companies to take out public liability insurance, as this offers protection against building damage. This benefit in your policy ensures that the owner of the property does not have to pay for repairs and replacements if your company damages the property during use.

As you can see, the many advantages of craftsman insurance far outweigh the low insurance costs. Contact your insurance specialist today to ensure your business is fully protected from these risks right from the start.

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