The Case for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Case study on redesigning the kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinet replacements can cost up to $ 35,000. In contrast, a typical cabinet remodel costs an average of $ 7,500 or less. This includes new cabinet doors, cabinet glass inserts, fittings, pull-down frames, shelves and even countertops.

Upon request from homeowners and DIY enthusiasts how to improve kitchen cabinets on a budget and with a quick turnaround, Bendheim examined the costs and benefits of renovating kitchen cabinets versus replacing them. The full results of this new study are now available in this infographic.

Previously only used for cooking, the kitchen has become the heart of the home. We spend almost three hours a day doing it, creating demand for modern kitchens that have been carefully designed as a comfortable, dynamic and visually appealing extension of the living space.

As the U.S. real estate market continues to recover, homeowners are confident of embarking on home improvement projects that add value to their property with a significant return on investment (ROI). Cabinets are the most iconic piece of furniture in a kitchen, so replacing existing cabinets is a common remodeling project. However, this option can come at a hefty price tag of over $ 35,000. A more wallet-friendly solution is to redesign existing cabinets, which typically cost an average of $ 7,500 – a savings of around $ 27,500. Refinishing kitchen cabinets is also relatively quick, as most projects only take a few days. This solution is also perfect for the design-conscious home improvement enthusiast as it is highly customizable and encourages homeowners to incorporate their personal style and preferences into the new design.

When redesigning cabinets, any number of materials can be used to achieve the look you want. Color, stain, and glass – and any combination of the three – are some of the most common. Homeowners can experiment with an almost unlimited range of color options and effects for a contemporary, traditional or even exotic kitchen ambience. Coloring brings out the natural beauty of wooden cabinets, offering a variety of finishes and a classic aesthetic.

Glass is another key material in a successful kitchen cabinet renovation project. With a wide range of colors, textures and designs, glass panels can completely replace cabinet doors or serve as decorative inserts to give the kitchen a timeless, elegant look. A design conscious project that involves installing cabinet door inserts can enhance the kitchen design by creating a perception of depth and spaciousness, brightening up the room and emphasizing its style. Clear and translucent types of glass can be used to show off beautiful porcelain, while covert and opaque glass can hide clutter if necessary.

Bendheim Cabinet Glass offers homeowners and remodelers more than 150 types of decorative glass to satisfy the tastes of the most discerning homeowner. All are available in an animal and child-friendly safety form (hardened or laminated). The selection of patterned, textured, frosted, and colored glass – including rare hand-blown and handcrafted glass designs – is available directly online at

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