TN Fireplace & Chimney advises homeowners to check air circulation to ensure safe and comfortable indoor air quality

“This is a situation where energy efficiency can work against you,” he said Josh Cate, Owner of TN Fireplace & Chimney. “When air comes out of the chimney it needs to be replaced. Modern construction is so advanced that new houses are airtight. The only way that replacement air can get in is through the chimney. If this happens, it can lead to it . ” in particles and impurities from outside, as well as in material that collects in the chimney. ”

Any build-up in the chimney can also lead to safety and performance issues, including withdrawals and the formation of a flammable material called creosote.

Cate recommends a professional inspection if you suspect your chimney is drawing in air that is adversely affecting the indoor air quality of your home. For immediate relief, open a window near the fireplace or stove, or remove the weatherstrip on the doors and windows in that room.

“Adding outside ventilation is an option for a permanent solution,” said Cate. “Another is to install an energy recovery fan (ERV) for the HVAC system. These are used to maintain the correct balance of air pressure and also filter the outside air before it enters, eliminating most of the particulate matter and irritants. This is one of the reasons.” most effective methods to improve and maintain the IAQ of your home. ”

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