TN Fireplace & Chimney encourages homeowners to take extra precautions to ensure gas safety and avoid potential disasters as holidays close in

Before hanging stockings on the coat, you need to make sure that a gas fireplace is working and a house is safely prepared. Cate suggests homeowners follow these tips to prepare gas fireplaces and homes for the holidays:

  • Take precautions with vented and non-vent gas protocols: Different precautions should be taken depending on whether ventilated gas protocols or vent-free gas protocols are used. If vent-free logs are burned for more than an hour, crack a window to replace the oxygen in a house. Limit the use of a vent-free gas fireplace to three hours or less. If you are using ventilated gas blocks, clamp the chimney flap in the open position so it never closes. An open fireplace lets carbon monoxide escape.
  • Buying Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Make sure you have purchased a carbon monoxide detector before using a gas fireplace. This gas can be fatal if inhaled. Obstacles in front of a fireplace can cause this gas to build up in a home. Consider installing a detector on each floor.
  • Check safety grille: Gas fireplaces have a protective grille over the glass. These screens reduce the risk of severe burns. Make sure your security screen is not damaged or compromised.
  • Upgrade to a double glazed thermal barrier: Double glazed thermal barriers come with two sheets of glass. There is a ventilation layer between the two panes. A series of small, quiet fans circulate cool air between the two panes to keep the outer glass at a safe temperature.
  • Pay attention to clearing areas: do not place wrapped gifts or Christmas trees near the fireplace, as they are easily combustible. Wrapping paper contains additives that burn at extremely high temperatures.
  • Choose a Direct Exhaust Chimney: When deciding to buy a new gas fire, consider a direct exhaust model. They are equipped with a closed combustion system, which means that harmful combustion gases are trapped inside and not released into a home.

“Nothing makes the holiday start quite like a family reunion by the fireplace,” said Cate. “Preventive measures will help protect your family while creating those lifelong memories.”

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